Virtual Medicine

Need to speak with your pet’s veterinarian but cannot necessarily come to the hospital? No problem. Chat with your pet’s vet!

Your pet must have a current Provider-Patient Relationship in order to utilize this application for consultations.

Once you are ready for your virtual consultation,  simply review the rates below, then chat and send photos and videos.

  • Virtual Consultations via 2-way chat during TOAH’s normal operating hours: $62.00
  • Virtual Consultations via 2-way chat outside TOAH’s normal operating hours: $83.00
  • Surgical Follow-ups- $0.00 (included in the cost of surgery, dental, or procedure.)
  • Reservations/Orders/Refills/Basic Questions: $0.00

In the event of a pet emergency and our chat is unavailable or you do not receive a response within 10 mins, be sure you immediately contact the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Waterford Lakes at 407-644-4449

Check it out!!!