TOAH has partnered up with Rocky’s Retreat to offer treatments for Canine ailments, rehabilitation after surgery, and other conditions through Hydrotherapy! Whether your dog is struggling with illness or injury or you simply want to improve fitness, TOAH and Rocky’s Retreat would be glad to help. Please click here to view a video of a therapy session!

Rocky’s Retreat is a Certified Canine Hydrotherapy facility located in Orlando Florida. It is the only facility in Florida with an indoor climate controlled warm water pool. The pool is sanitized with ozone, eliminating any harmful effects of chlorine to your pet. Rocky’s Retreat is also the only facility in Central Florida with a trained and certified staff and will customize all sessions specifically to meet your pet’s needs.

What can Hydrotherapy help with?

  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Degenerative Disease
  • Recovery from Surgery or Injury
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Fear of water/learning to swim

Other benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

  • Improvement in quality and longevity of life
  • Improve muscle mass or tone
  • Speed weight loss
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build confidence and reduce stress

If you would like to learn more about how you can enroll your loved one in Hydrotherapy call us at 407-678-8387.