Pet of the Month-April 2019-Tallulah Dassing

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Congratulations to our April 2019 Pet of the Month Tallulah Dassing!!!! Read her bio below:)

“After losing my 16 year old mixed lab in January 2008, I said I was not getting another dog right now, but I think God had another plan.

I went into a vet supply store in October 2008 for my Mom’s dog and my 2 cats and they were talking about a dog that was to be put down the following Thursday because she had been at the Orange County pound for a month. I saw her picture and said if nobody gets her before then, call me. They called me Thursday morning and I rushed down there to meet this very thin, blonde, mixed lab who they called Lady.

We went outside to have a visit, but she really was not interested in me. She kept looking out the fence, I had a friend with me and I said I am not sure I would want a dog that is so disinterested in new people. I barely got the words out of my mouth when she came and sat down in front of me and looked at me with those big brown eyes. The rest is history.

I immediately changed her name to Tallulah Mae Dassing because we are southern and Lady did not fit her at all. She is the most laid back sweetest girl in the world, except when she tried to steal the Thanksgiving turkey, but we all have are flaws.

After several years Tallulah hurt both of her knees and had surgery 4 times, little did I know at the time it was the wrong surgery for a dog her size. At work one day she collapsed because her knees gave out. I was a wreck but I remembered an article in the Winter Springs/Oviedo magazine about TOAH and a new stem cell therapy. I called got an appointment and had the stem cell therapy done. It has been amazing for her, she won’t ever be the same from the bad surgery but the stem cell therapy keeps her moving and being able to go to the park with her friends.

All of the staff at TOAH are wonderful and Tallulah does not even mind going. If you have a pet that is not getting around very good and has slowed way down, you should think about stem cell therapy, it has added a wonderful quality of life for my girl Tallulah.”

-Terri Dassing

Pet of the Month-May 2018-Morgan Anderson

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Congratulations to our May 2018 Pet of the Month. 

Read her bio below:)

“Morgan is a registered therapy dog. She always shares her toys with her friend Emma. She says thank you when we give her food. When she digs a hole in the backyard she rinses her paws in the pool before coming in the house.

Morgan came to us at age 6 as a retired mom from Magik Golden Retrievers in Sorrento, Florida. She had 3 litters and was a very good mom to her puppies.”

Pet of the Month-September 2017-Kenzie Sasser

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Hi! My name is Kenzie. 

I moved from my home near Tampa to central Florida in November 2016 at 4mo old.  This was a very stressful ride and I voiced my concerns for most of the trip.  Many comment that I’m very well behaved but it’s just a ploy to make them lower their guards and allow me to have my way.  I love playing with my Easter eggs but my owners don’t know how to put them together so I’m stuck with halves.  To retaliate, I make it difficult for them to change positions in their sleep by strategically placing myself near their legs.  I really enjoy sitting on their laps and they get the benefit of petting me.  My sister, Jaiden (a 20lb German Pinscher), who wants to be like me, thinks she should sit on my lap and I have to bite her boney little elbow in protest.  Hopefully my owners will honor my “Pet of the Month” status with lots more of my favorite snacks without needing me to do “tricks” for them. Are most parents this annoying?

Kenzie_BubblesKenzie_Lounging (1)Kenzie-Jaiden_Lighter (1)

Pet of the Month-July 2017-Moto Manfredi

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Congratulations to TOAH’S July 2017 Pet of the Month…  Moto Manfredi!

Please read his biography below:

We have had Moto since he was a puppy. He will be seven on July 2nd.

A friend of mine was breeding his Labs and knew I was looking for a Lab, so once Moto was born my daughter and I could not wait until he was big enough to come home with us. Unfortunately, it took a few extra months of convincing for my wife. So he was almost 4 months old when we finally brought him home. (Funny thing is now my wife is his favorite, so much for “Man’s” Best Friend.)

Moto is a very smart Labrador and learns tricks very quickly, obviously for his favorite treats. He loves to go for walks and at 7 years old, he still trots a good 1.5 miles a day with some days getting in another 1.5 miles.

On one of his walks last week, he spotted a squirrel ripped the leash out of our hands and took off after it crossing the street in our neighborhood.

A car was coming a little faster than it should have been and it hit him. He was pushed about 20-30 feet away and he rolled a few times.

I called TOAH right away and the on-call veterinarian called me back in minutes and directed me to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic. When we arrived, amazingly he hobbled into the side door of the hospital, which surprised us because we thought he couldn’t walk. They performed x-rays and bloodwork while we waited. There were no broken bones at all, however there was possibly liver and internal organ damage from the impact. The blood test revealed a range 10 times the normal numbers so they kept him overnight on fluids to flush out his liver and kept him under observation.

We picked him up from the VEC first thing in the morning and took him to TOAH so they could examine him. He was still struggling a bit with breathing so they kept him all day long to keep eye on him and to continue to keep him hydrated and flushed.

They performed another liver test at the end of the day, and to our dismay, the number went up even more, but all other vitals were looking good so they let us take him home with some liver medication.

As soon as we got home he went to his favorite spot to sleep and seemed to be much more comfortable in his own home. He did so well over the weekend.

We took him back to TOAH on Monday for another test and the numbers finally started to come down. Not quite normal yet, but going in the right direction.

A week later, he seems to be more himself. We have to take him back today for hopefully, just one final test.

We appreciate all the love and care TOAH gave him and appreciate having them as his veterinarian since he was a puppy. He is a very loving animal and he is a very important part of our family.


Ross Manfredi



Pet of the Month-May 2017-Bacon Brown

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Bacon is our 5 year old Sheltie. We got her as a puppy and she is our first “fur child”. She has a very shy, but sweet and goofy personality. One of our favorite things about her, other than her cuteness, is how expressive she is. Her ears are always moving like the gears in her head are turning and she can be very talkative. She loves being outside, getting dirty, chasing and barking at birds, eating, and sleeping. She also loves to do tricks, especially if treats are involved (one of her favorite treats are green beans). She is excellent at giving high fives! We love having her in our lives; she certainly keeps things interesting!
Kelley & Matthew Brown
Bacon Brown 5Bacon Brown 4Bacon Brown 3Bacon Brown 2

Phone outage

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dogphone Hello TOAH clients and veterinary partners, This post is to notify you that we lost our phone system as of 3:30pm yesterday. Unfortunately, there is no approximate time of restoration presently. Our technical department and service provider are working diligently to have them restored however, we were advised that this may take some time. Please be sure to email for any inquiries. We are checking emails consistently. We are open for business, seeing patients, and assisting all clients and patients with any and all veterinary needs. Thank you and we are very sorry for any inconvenience or frustration. Sincerely, The doctors and staff at Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital

Staff Training

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Just a friendly note to let you know that TOAH will be closed from 8am-12pm on 1/15/2016 for staff training and development. This is crucial for us to bring you the best and most up to date veterinary care and compassion.


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