• Pet owner’s signature below certifies that they are the legal owner or, an authorized representative for the legal owner, and will accept full legal and financial responsibility for the pet(s). Pet owner understands that pet(s) will only be released to their owner or an authorized representative.

    Boarding check in/out hours are as follows:
    • Monday-Friday: 8:00am-11:00am and 3:30pm-5pm.
    • Saturday: 8am-11am.
    • Sunday: Check-in/out not available on Sundays.

    Boarding is charged by night. Additional fees are charged if pet should need medication(s) or treatment(s). (ex: daily medications, fleas or ticks are found on pet, or if there are any other special circumstances)

    Pet’s that have specific, ongoing medical issues (Cardiac problems, Diabetes, Renal Disease, Epilepsy/Seizures, etc.) may not qualify for General Boarding. However, these pet’s may be candidates for what we call Boarding with Extra Care. These boarders are cared for by a qualified veterinary technician during their stay and will have special arrangements made for their care. These boarders are charged a daily fee, regardless of treatment involved during boarding.
    Boarders are prohibited to board longer than 2 weeks (14 days) without special authorization.

    Please advise if pet(s) has ever shown aggression toward people or other animals, so that we can take proper precautions to ensure the safety of pet, staff, and other boarders.

    Please advise if pet(s) has ever shown fearful behaviors toward people, other animals, or environmental situations (i.e.: thunderstorms/fireworks) so that we can take proper precautions to ensure the safety of pet, staff, and other boarders.

    Please advise if pet(s) has ever displayed compulsive or destructive behaviors. (i.e.: nose rubbing, clawing, compulsive digging or suckling) so that we can take proper precautions to ensure the safety of pet, staff, and other boarders.

    Please advise if pet has a history of chewing or eating bedding. There are times when your pet will be unsupervised. In the event your pet is observed chewing or attempting to eat bedding, these items will be removed from their kennel or cage. Please check appropriate box below:

    Housemates MAY be boarded together in the same kennel but please advise if there is a history of aggression/fearful behavior between them at specific times. *At the discretion of doctors and staff, any pets boarded together that display aggression/fearful behavior at any time MAY be separated.

    All new patients, current on all core vaccinations, will be required to schedule a Meet and Greet Appointment at Tuscawilla Oaks. The purpose of this visit is to examine the general health and behavior of the pet. There is no charge for this appointment. New patients that are NOT current on vaccinations, must schedule an appointment with their veterinarian to have all vaccinations brought current. After this has been performed and proof has been submitted, we will then schedule the Meet and Greet Appointment. You may also schedule a Full Wellness Examination and Vaccinations with one of our veterinarians at least 14 days prior to the boarding reservation.
    *Meet and Greet Appointments must be scheduled no more than 14 days before the reservation.
    *Vaccinations may take up to 14 days to take full effect and protect pet against infectious diseases.
    **If you do a full examination with one of our veterinarians within one year of pet’s boarding reservation, then a Meet and Greet need not be scheduled.

    It is the policy of Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital to require documented proof of vaccination by veterinary record. All pets must be current with core vaccinations, had a negative fecal examination within a one year, and be in good general health. In lieu of vaccinations, a pet may have a vaccine titer panel, demonstrating adequate immunity, within one year. For vaccinations to provide maximum benefit, they must be administered no less than 2 weeks before boarding. Vaccinations administered at the time of boarding may provide partial, but not maximum protection.

    All boarded pets are fed Hill’s Canine Sensitive Skin and Stomach or Hill’s Feline Adult Diet as it is gentle on the gastric system and less likely to cause gastric disturbances. If your pet is on a special diet or a different brand of pet food, please provide the food and it will be fed based upon the pet owner’s instructions at no additional charge. Pet’s food must be supplied in a marked container, with an adequate quantity for the pet’s boarding stay plus two extra days. In the eve

    Please bring all of your pet’s medications, along with clear instructions as to how to administer. In the event, the pet owner fails to provide us with instructions, Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital staff will follow the instructions on the medication container or use their best judgment. If the pet runs out of the medication while boarding, Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital will refill the prescription, charge the pet owner’s account and administer it according to the previous medication’s instructions

    We keep our hospital flea and tick free. All pets will be checked for fleas and ticks upon admittance. If fleas and/or ticks are found, pet will be treated at the pet owner’s expense. Upon discharge, all pets are checked to verify that they are flea and tick free prior to discharge.

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow personal items from home to be left with any boarder as they can become lost, destroyed or badly soiled and/or may need to be disposed of for sanitary and/or health reasons. On the rare occasion that an item is left with us, the pet owner will not hold Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital responsible for items if they may be destroyed, soiled or disposed of. Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital will not refund or reimburse any monies to replace or repair lost items.

    All boarded pets, even fully vaccinated pets, placed in stressful situations may suffer decreased immunity and gastric changes. All boarded pets may become susceptible to sore throats, voice changes, canine cough, diarrhea, constipation, excessive grooming and shedding. Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital is not responsible for costs associated with these conditions if they arise during or after boarding. Pet owner agrees not to hold Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital liable for any costs associated with these conditions. Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital does not recommend boarding older geriatric, chronically ill, overly anxious/stressed/aggressive or debilitated pets. These pets have a significantly higher risk of injury, progression of illness, debilitation and susceptibility to disease. Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate your pet but this may not be feasible in all cases.

    Unforeseen events do occur. In the event that the pet cannot be picked up at the previously arranged time, the pet owner must call Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital prior to the scheduled check out day/time, or as soon as reasonably possible, to inform of the delay and provide a new check out day/time. Pets left for more than 5 days past the checkout date, without owner contact, will be considered abandoned and is considered relinquished to Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital.

    In the event pet becomes ill or hurt while boarding (with the exception of gastric upset with in the first 48 hours of boarding) the pet owner and all listed authorized representatives will be contacted. By listing an authorized representative, the pet owner is permitting this person(s) to make any and all medical and/or financial decisions about the pet in the event the pet owner cannot be reached. If we cannot contact the pet owner or an authorized representative or if an emergent/time sensitive situation should occur, the pet owner permits Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital’s doctors and staff to provide Updated: 06/01/2020 medical and/or surgical treatment that may be necessary to stabilize and/or alleviate ANY discomfort, pain or suffering in pet. The pet owner understands that Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital’s doctors and staff will perform medical/surgical treatment to the best of their ability, however, there is no guarantee of a favorable outcome, yet owner is still responsible for the costs associated with treatment. The pet owner agrees to release Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital and its doctors and staff of all liability associated with boarding pet.
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