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Jezebel- November 2015 Pet of the Month

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I adopted Jezabel (Jez) about 8 and a half years ago in Pittsburgh PA.  She was 3 at the time and her owner had passed away and the family did not want her and put her up for adoption.  I saw her picture on the website and knew that she was the cat for me.  I drove over an hour to the shelter she was at and it was love at first sight.  I brought her home to my apartment where we lived for a couple months then I purchased my first home and we moved.  We lived there for six years before moving to Orlando.  My neighbor says he misses seeing her sit in the window watching the birds.

Two years ago we did the drive down to Orlando which she was so not a fan of!!  We finally made it and stayed with my parents for a couple months while I found an apartment.  They have two cats and that is when I realized that Jez is definitely a one cat household type of cat.  She was definitely the alpha in that situation perched on my mother’s chair like the queen that she is.

Just recently Jez had some medical issues well medical is a relative term.  She decided one day to stop eating so I brought her to TOAH and Dr. Taylor did some blood work to see what was going on.  My sister was here at the time so we thought it was behavioral but the situation was not getting better.  Her blood work came back normal but she still wasn’t eating.  At this time we did X-rays looking for obstructions and other possible issues, nothing showed up.  I talked about options with Dr. Taylor and I opted to do a feeding tube.  Jez had this feeding tube for six weeks, where we became a frequent flier at TOAH and the staff was amazing!  I had to board her a few times and all the Vet Techs took great care of her and loved and doted on her.  I decided to do a few more tests just to rule out everything medical, everything came back good which made me happy but frustrated at the same time.  Two weeks ago we had to take the tube out due to circumstances and I didn’t know how it was going to go.  I am so happy to report that Jez is now eating on her own!!  She has been consistently eating and has gained 4 oz since I brought her home two weeks ago.

I would like to thank everyone at TOAH that was there for me throughout this tough time.

Thank you to Dr. Taylor, Kyle, Tina, Kaleigh, Kerry, Lauren, Angel, Andrew and anyone else that helped with Jez that I never met!!

I’m happy to be a part of the TOAH family and I know Jez is too!


Jez                   2013-06-26 14.13.04


Jilly Wing- October 2015 Pet of the Month

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Came into my life in 11 years ago when a good friend gave her up as a one-year old because she was a “one person” dog and didn’t get along with their other two dogs. My friend and her husband were the love of Jilly’s life, along with their other Chihuahua, Diesel. But they decided on 3rd chi and Jill was the one who didn’t get along with the others…so they asked if I would be interested in taking her.

I never saw a long hair Chihuahua but she was a keeper. Jill was dropped at my place by her owners, who were great people. In the period of one year from her birth she was taken away from her siblings and mom and then away from her new family and best friend Diesel.

The first 2 weeks she came to me she laid at the front door waiting for her family to come pick her up and gradually she decided we could do a lot together. After one week with Jilly, she developed pancreatic. I had not established Jilly with a vet but she was so sick I took her to the emergency room. She was a tiny little 5.5 lbs. and almost completely limp. The emergency vet kept her overnight and in the morning he gave her back and said he didn’t know what was wrong with her.

I frantically started driving down the road looking for a vet and not knowing anything about little dogs. I found TOAH and took her inside. Dr. McPherson came out to see what was happening and after explaining she asked if I had any blood work. Dr. McPherson took a quick look and said, “she has pancreatis.” She decided to keep her overnight with plenty of fluids and I left my tiny, limp little pup with yet another stranger. I came back the next morning and my pup was like new. It was a miracle!
Since that time Jill and I have become friends with everyone at TOAH and because of them she has stayed healthy.

Jill and I love to take long walks and now that she is 11, she more enjoys the stroller type walks. Her best friends are Oscar the dachshund and Dodge the Yorkie. Her favorite toy is OWL and her favorite blanket is a green throw..that she claimed last Christmas. Jill still has some health issues but she is truly my best friend. So happy to have the folks at TOAH for guidance. Dr. McPherson was our angel when it seemed like no one else could help.
Jill - owlJill - new sweater


Jill - fav blanket

Bear Battis-Bopp-October 2014 Pet of the Month

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Bear’s Story:

Bear came into our lives just before the July 4th holiday weekend.  He was a mere 2 lb. 9-week old rescue from a local animal shelter.  The “runt” of the litter, he seemed to be the unwanted soul; more reason we felt a strong connection to him and knew he needed to be a part of our family where he could be loved and cared for.  Unbeknownst to us, he came with illness.  Within 24 hours of being home he produced a chronic cough that ended up being pneumonia (visit 1).  Bear being such a tiny baby it was challenging to find the right medications and dosage that he could handle, but the wonderful Doctors a TOAH knew just what to do.

As the following days progressed other issues unfolded. These were even more serious than the pneumonia.  Bear had suffered an internal post-op trauma when neutered prior to coming into our care and TOAH (visits 2, 3, 4).  It was touch and go for a while with our little guy, but with surgery that cared for the infected area he was patched up good as new (visits 5, 6).  So much for a puppy to endure; more than some adult dogs and humans could handle but Bear is one tough little cookie.  This all in the first 10 days he was with us!  When you have the best care and a lot of love the odds are in your favor.

Bear is now 5 months old … completely healed, healthy, running and playing like a puppy should. He has a brother and sister, Lucky and Lacey who have welcomed him into the family with open paws.  We love our little furry children very much; they fill our home with happiness, love and energy.  We look forward to a long wonderful life with Bear, Lucky and Lacey!

Bear Battis-Bopp POTM October 2014 pic

Dudley Osleger-September 2014 Pet of the Month

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Dudley’s Story:

Dudley is one of six members of our FF (furred family), and Dudley is known in our home as “the best dog in the universe”!  We adopted him through Florida Great Pyrenees Rescue shortly after losing our first Pyrenees that we had rescued from Pet Rescue by Judy after he ingested nuts from a sago palm.  We know that Dudley was born 12/18/2003 and was put up for adoption after his original family could no longer care for him.  He came to us on 5/30/2005 and has been nothing but a true joy ever since!  So much so that we adopted our female, Molly, sight unseen, from a “pound” in GA in 2009.  Dudley is the patriarch here.  We also have our sweet “mutt” Martha, adopted through Pet Rescue by Judy when she brought her back from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  The alpha male is our 7-pound Yorkie rescue, Riley, who joined the family in 2007.   Add our cats, Nellie, who we adopted in 2000, and our newest addition, Gracie, adopted in July from TOAH and we’re a full house!  Dudley has always welcomed (or at least easily tolerated!) each and every addition. We love them all, but he knows he’s my favorite!!

Dudley Osleger Couch POTM 9.14

Maggie Ingham – August 2014 Pet of the Month

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Maggie’s Story:

Maggie was a rescue cat purchased by my granddaughter, Melissa.  Melissa
married and couldn’t keep Maggie, so I kept the pretty little Maggie.
Maggie is very shy; she hides when we have any visitors, that is, until she
gets hungry.  She is a sweet animal, loves to be brushed and petted.  I
almost lost her when she couldn’t eat.  Your Doctor Janis Fullenwider
diagnosed her problem as sores in her mouth and brought her back to me.  She
is recovered and back to eating, probably a bit too much.


Betty Ingham, proud owner of Maggie


Lola Eplin – June 2014 Pet of The Month

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My name is Lola.  I received my name the day I was rescued.  My mom said from this day forward “Lola gets what Lola wants” just like the song says.  See, I was found in a brown paper bag with the top rolled down, next to a dumpster.  Some monster just threw me away like trash.  I weighed less than 3 pounds with ribs showing and I was very scared.  Dr. McPherson estimated my age at 10 weeks from my teeth.  Now I am almost 6 months old, weigh 10 pounds and I am a happy healthy puppy!  I am a student of commands and a scholar of play.  My mom says I light up her day, every day, but truth be told, I light up too!