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Pet of the Month-August 2016-Susy Manrique

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Susy is five and a half years old and a very loved. Her “paw”rents – Alejandro and Catherine – were not sure whether to have a puppy until she came along and stole their hearts.  Even since the day she got home, Susy has been the center of attention and we have been focused on providing the best care for her.

She loves being chased around the house every time we try to put her leash on to go for walks.  “The Chase” can last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes until we can finally catch her. Once we go on the walk, Susy focuses on catching as many lizards as she can.   She also likes to play Hide and Seek. When we get home after work, instead of coming to greet us she hides and waits for us to find her.  Then she gets all excited and showers us with kisses.  Her go to toy is anything she can play tug of war with, and also has a preference for any gliding toys you can throw for her.

A professional beggar, we have been lucky that her dietary preferences include all kinds of vegetables, frozen or cooked, making it extremely easy to spoil her with food!

Overall Susy is a very good dog, but there have been a few times she has gotten into trouble.  Susy has issues with people on scooters, golf carts, roller blades and skates. One day when we were on our way to the park, Susy jumped from the car in motion in an attempt to chase a lady on roller blades. Luckily for us she only had road rash and lost a couple of nails, but we did not know it at the time and immediately rushed her to TOAH. The team was ready to assist, treat her injuries, and ensured she was ok.

There was also another instance when Susy decided to take all her joint medication pills at once and we had to rush her to the vet.  Dr. Fullenwider was waiting for Susy and saved her life. She was hospitalized, and had to be put on IV fluids to flush the medicine from her system. We were worried she may have kidney failure and not make it.  Dr. Fullenwider and her team kept us informed throughout the process, which made a huge difference in that very stressful situation. Susy also visit TOAH earlier this year to get knee ligament surgery. Her surgery went well and the Doctor recommended she do swim therapy lessons to speed up her recovery.  She is now fully recovered and back to doing “The Chase” daily.

Thank you TOAH team for always taking great care of our furry daughter!

Alejandro Manrique

Pet of the Month-July 2016-Shannon Peppler

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Shannon is now 4 years old.  We picked him out of his litter when he was two weeks old, barely larger than a hamster.  Helen said she thought he as beautiful.  I held him in my arms and he looked up into my eyes with a questioning expression and promptly went to sleep against my chest.  That was it.  At 8 weeks he had his last puppy shots and Helen and I met the breeder (EJ Boxers) at her vet and “took him home from the hospital.”   He is our special baby boy. To get him socialized we took him on regular walks in our neighborhood and because he was such a cute boxer puppy, people would literally stop their cars and get out to say hi and to pet him.  Today it is his job to take me on regular walks and to give love to everyone he meets on the street.  More people in our neighborhood know Shannon’s name than mine.  A good friend says that he is the “rock star” of the neighborhood. Shannon has a recently adopted little Shih Tzu brother named Woodrow, with whom he wrestles on a regular basis. Shannon has had one or two medical issues and has a close relationship with Dr. Taylor and Dr. McPherson.  Shannon thinks of them and the staff at TOAH as part of his extended family.  They are our favorite “pediatricians.”

shannon1j shannon2j shannon4j

Pet of the Month-June 2016-Suzy Piersall

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June 2016 Pet of the Month

Suzy Piersall

Suzy is an 11 1/2 year old pug.The highlight of Suzy’s day is eating, going for walks, having her teeth brushed (with a dental chew stick), and snuggling.  She’ll sit, settle, shake, speak and roll over for a treat.  She’s a little dog with a big dog personality, and is best friends with everyone she meets. She keeps watch out the front window and alerts her family for any danger like birds, or children, or most importantly any dogs that go by.  These days she does a lot of sleeping (snoring loudly) to get her beauty rest. She had her first visit to Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital at her initial puppy visit.  Dr. McPherson has seen her through some tough times with a couple of surgeries to fish things out of her that she shouldn’t have eaten.


Congratulations Suzy!

suzy piersall 2suzy piersall 3suzy piersall 4

Cam Fawcett-Pet of the Month-May 2016

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Cam Fawcett!

Cam came into my life (unexpectedly) on a regular day of work at TOAH. She was found in the middle of University Blvd by a good samaritan, who unfortunately could not afford the treatment she needed. We found that her femoral head was cracked in half, meaning surgery was the only option for her to be normal again. I knew that she was too special to not deserve a chance since the entire time she was waiting for us to decide how to proceed she was purring and making biscuits; even in immense amounts of pain! It also helped that she reminded me of my little black cat I had growing up. So I told the doctors I would take her home. Dr Taylor did an FHO surgery on her and she has recovered so well! I could not be happier with her progress. She is a normal, playful, happy kitten who gets along with her doggy sister just fine 🙂 Thank you Dr’s Taylor, McPherson, Fullenwider and Blossey for all you have done for me and my fur babies! 

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Hospital Closed for Staff Development.

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July 15th 2016 from 7:30am-2pm, Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital will be closed for staff development updates and training. This is crucial to keep our staff up to date on the latest, most effective medical care and practices in the veterinary hospital. We want to remain the best for our patients and clients.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. See you at 12pm:)

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Jojo Hoover-March 2016

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In September 2006, a friend working at Orange County Animal Control contacted us with a special request to foster a puppy. One very emaciated Doberman girl puppy had just arrived at their facility with an incredible story. Essentially born a three-legged dog due to a birth defect this abandoned puppy was rescued from a canal in Orlando. It was a miraculous survival and our friend wanted the puppy in a foster home where she could get healthy and strong before adoption. It was impossible to say no, and so, it was on September 21st this 11 week old puppy arrived at our home. This date was special and significant as it was my grandmother Johanna’s birthday. In her honor and Tammie’s grandmother Opal Josephine’s honor, we proudly named this little miracle girl JoJo.

From day one, JoJo was always loving and friendly with us and other humans; however, we noticed that she was timid and fearful of dogs. At that time, we had the most loving, gentle pushover of a boxer named Oakley. It took JoJo nearly two weeks before she fully trusted him, but Oakley’s good nature finally won her over. He became her shining star and security blanket. JoJo had more confidence with Oakley by her side and she grew, fattened up and became an outgoing and playful pup.

As fate would have it, JoJo was meant to be ours and she adopted us. Nearly 10 years old now, JoJo has continued to amaze and inspire everyone she meets. She is a strong willed girl with a big heart and has no clue she isn’t “normal”. Most people who see JoJo feel sorry for her, but the joke is “Please, feel sorry for us because she is a Bossy Pistol”. Seriously, JoJo is amazing and her tenacity, intelligence and drive keeps on inspiring us and others every day.

Last year on September 19th, JoJo started acting unusual after taking her on a walk. She would not stop panting and her gums were white. Immediately, we called TOAH and said we were on our way. The TOAH team was ready for us and they took her back for treatment. As it turned out, JoJo was having dangerous heart arrhythmias and she ended up needing lifesaving CPR. Dr. Fullenwider and Dr. McPherson with their team resuscitated JoJo and stabilized her. In need of overnight ICU care, JoJo was loaded into our Jeep for transport to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Casselberry. Dr. Fullenwider jumped into the vehicle with JoJo as if nothing could have stopped her. While in route to the clinic, JoJo crashed once more and Dr. Fullenwider saved her life again with CPR. If Dr. Fullenwider had not gone with us, then JoJo would not be here today.

JoJo was diagnosed with DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy), which is a heart condition common in Dobermans. While there is no cure for DCM, JoJo is now on heart medications to help keep her from having dangerous heart arrhythmias and to strengthen her heart’s pumping ability. This March 19th marks 6 months that JoJo was brought back to life. There are no words to express how grateful we are that our baby girl is alive and well. Endless gratitude and love to the TOAH TEAM! Happy 6 months JoJo!!!

All the best,
Sharon and Tammie

Oakley and JoJo 4 months Crescent Beach JoJo at the Park Oakley and JoJo 4 months

Julie Chow-POTM-Tribute February 2016

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In loving Memory

You are very loved and will be missed.

“Julie came to us as a stray, full of energy and spirit. She warmed her way into our hearts with her enthusiasm for life. Her favorite things to do were chasing lizards and squirrels. She would sit by the trees, hours on end, waiting for them. She loved bossing her siblings around, keeping her brother in check, making sure he shares his snacks with her. Sadly, we lost her to renal disease; however with the support from the staff and Dr. McPherson, Julie was able to receive proper care and love. Julie was a huge part of our lives and will be greatly missed. “