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March 2017 Pet of the Month-Andorra Grover

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Andorra is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees who I adopted when she was 2 years old from the Florida Pyrenees Rescue Organization.

I was looking for a companion for my Labrador retriever , Ki, since he had recently lost his wonderful Lab friend Suzy. I expected to find another female retriever, but than I met Andorra. In spite of her poor physical condition that reflected what she had been thru, her eyes were filled with courage and wisdom. I knew that she would be the perfect companion for Ki, and they were playing together the same day that the rescue people brought her to my house.

She is a remarkable dog in many ways, and continues to impress everyone who meets her. She is warm and loving to people, especially children, and yet is very protective of her home and property. She patrols her property every day, and alerts anyone going by that she is on duty.

Her breed has been used for hundreds of years to protect livestock in the Pyrenees mountains of Europe, and she is named after the Republic that is home to her ancestors. She still has a lot of puppy in her and plays with Ki daily, except when he is in the pool – she does not like to get wet.

I believe she would be a great therapy dog to help people in need of emotional support and encouragement., and plan to get her involved in this area. Her loving personality, combined with her protective instincts, will allow her to continue to be of service.

My thanks to the great staff at TOAH for all their help in bringing her back to full health. “image3image2image1 (3)

February 2017 Pet of the Month: Nova Morris

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Thank you for choosing Nova as pet of the month, TOAH! Our family is so humbled that our pretty girl is being featured!

We brought Nova into our family June 2016 shortly after losing our beloved Rottweiler Izzy in late April. Nova is a purebred Doberman Pinscher who comes from champion bloodlines and a family of show dogs. She was one of a litter of seven pups, and we chose her because she was so spunky and full of personality when we met her. Nova had big shoes to fill following our loss, and she’s far exceeded our expectations.

Nova’s best quality (aside from her beauty!) is her intelligence. It takes her about five minutes to learn virtually any trick, and she even completed a two-week training boot camp where she learned to focus her high-energy nature into positive behaviors instead of naughty ones.

Nova is a social butterfly. She makes tons of friends – human, dog, or cat! – wherever she goes. Nova’s daycare attendants absolutely love her and she loves spending time with them and all of her puppy pals. When she goes out with us, she’s insistent upon greeting everybody and every animal with lots of love and kisses. She even loves going to the vet and is especially partial to Dr. Fullenwider and Devon (probably because they spoil her rotten!)

Nova is the world’s biggest cuddle bug and we even refer to her as our little ‘Velcro Dog’ because she totally adores our family and prefers to be in contact with somebody at all times. Her heart is full of love, and our home is, too, because of her!

Nova 3Nova 6Nova 7

January 2017 Pet of the Month: Rocky Schwartzer

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Four years ago, Rocky came home. My husband wanted to surprise me with a kitten after losing my precious cat Meeko. Rocky was the last kitten in the litter. I think he was destined to be mine!

Rocky is very sweet and loving. He has health issues that require constant blood checks and daily medication. Through it all, he continues to be a sweet boy. He just lets us do what needs to be done then he relaxes in his bed or takes a nap with his puppy sister Daisy.

Thank you TOAH for selecting Rocky as Pet of the Month. Also for the care and attention you provide.

Pet of the Month-December 2016-Ozzie Tatum

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We are so honored that you chose the Ozman to be your December Pet of the Month.

Ozzie Tatum was a one year wedding anniversary gift my husband and I gave to each other. That was over 13 years ago, and we still feel so blessed to have such an awesome dog in our lives! He’s a quirky little guy who prefers grunts to barks, is frequently stubborn, and due to his penchant for licking, has earned the nickname Sir Lix-A-Lot.

He’s very much a homebody, and when we take him out to dog parks, he would rather cling to mom than play with the other dogs. He loves riding in the car, no matter where we are going, and enjoys being with his family more than anything else. He’s been a trooper throughout the years; especially after being diagnosed with diabetes two years ago.

Although he moves a little slower these days, he still the same bright-eyed and cheerful little guy we fell in love with all those years ago.  Ozzie is definitely happier and healthier thanks to the amazing love and care that he gets at TOAH!

Chip & Ozzie

Ozzie - FSU DogHannah & Ozzie

Phone outage

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dogphone Hello TOAH clients and veterinary partners, This post is to notify you that we lost our phone system as of 3:30pm yesterday. Unfortunately, there is no approximate time of restoration presently. Our technical department and service provider are working diligently to have them restored however, we were advised that this may take some time. Please be sure to email for any inquiries. We are checking emails consistently. We are open for business, seeing patients, and assisting all clients and patients with any and all veterinary needs. Thank you and we are very sorry for any inconvenience or frustration. Sincerely, The doctors and staff at Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital

Pet of the Month-November 2016-Punkin Neugebauer

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We answered an ad in 2005 for a Chihuahua for sale. At first, we hesitated, because we didn’t want a hyper dog that snips and barks a lot. This was not the case with Punkin. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog EVER! We take him with us on our vacations and around town. Everyone LOVES Punk. His favorite treat is celery. He also LOVES when people come over to the house for a visit. Everyone wants to hold him, because he just licks you to death. We couldn’t have asked for a better four legged baby. Thank you for nominating him. To us, he’s Pet of the Month….EVERY month

Punk 3Punk 2Punk 1Punk 4

Pet of the Month-October 2016-Sasha Waltensperger

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Hi!  My name is Sasha; although I have another name registered but I don’t remember what it is. I like Sasha. Don’t you? Sometimes my human companion calls me, “Bad Kitty!” But what does he know? I was born 14 years ago in Ocala, FL. My human companion picked me (and my cousin – “Kyle”) from a family of a lot of other Oriental Shorthair kittens. I’m so glad he did. Right after I was adopted, I moved to Albuquerque, NM where I stayed a year before moving back to Florida. That’s when I met my wonderful friends at Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital.  For the last 13 years they’ve been my pals keeping me happy and healthy. A year ago, my cousin Kyle went to Kitty Heaven, so my human companions adopted two new Oriental Shorthairs and guess what? My father is their great-great-great-great grandfather!  Is that cool or what? I mostly eat shrimp.  Yes shrimp! Every day!  Doctor McPherson says it’s okay.   I love shrimp.  But sometimes, I eat popcorn.  It’s my favorite treat!

Sasha 3


Pet of the Month-September 2016-Otis Sligar

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Otis is an 11 month old Boston terrier that found his way into our hearts from his parents in Vero Beach, FL, late last year.  He had big shoes to fill as the previous family pet of 14 years, Mac; another Boston, had passed on and left deep guidelines of how to love his family and give absolute joy.  Otis has been 100% successful in capturing our hearts and anyone else that he comes in contact with -everyone loves Otis and his spunky attitude.  His favorite hobbies are Winter Park sidewalks in the evening, belly rubs, chew toys, restaurants that are dog friendly, clearing rooms with his flatulence, his back yard for digging holes & harassing lizards, and training the new rag doll cat, Wallace.