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Dear valued clients of TOAH,

We have been made aware of a voluntary food recall from Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The links below will provide you with a product list and effected lot numbers.

Please read carefully.

Pet parents who purchased any of the products on the recall list, please discontinue feeding and immediately return the product for a full refund or exchange. We do not anticipate any residual issues with this recall.

Please feel free to contact us right away for more information or if you have any further questions or concerns. We are here to help!


The Doctors and staff of Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital

Pet of the Month-Prince Kinley Martinez-January 2019

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Congratulations to our January 2019, Pet of the Month. Prince Kinley Martinez. Read his bio below…..

“My little Prince Kinley is a Biewer (pronounced bee-vair) Yorkie.  I often get many questions about Prince because his breed is not as common as the regular Yorkie breed.  The Biewer Yorkie originated in Hunsruck, Germany in 1984.  A couple named Mr. & Mrs. Biewer developed the first Biewer through a gene mutation in their own yorkies. This gene is also known as a recessive pie bald gene. 

My journey to  Prince Kinley began after my little Princess crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I was missing Princess very much and the unconditional love and laughter she brought to my life.  Four months after losing her, I realized it was time for a new fur baby.  I found Prince’s breeder online and made an appointment to see all the puppies she had available.  She had about four playpens filled with four different litters of cute and sweet puppies.  I entered her house and saw one big puppy in the first playpen.  I passed that play pen, then the second, third and fourth. Just then, in the first play pen, I noticed a second little head pop up and I realized that the “big puppy” I saw was not a big puppy at all but was actually two puppies. Prince was hiding under his sister. 

I was so excited to meet Prince and to see if he was the one.  The breeder informed me that his name was “Kinley” and he was available.  She took him out of the playpen and I sat with him for about one hour.  He was tiny, cuddly and sweet.  He was extremely nervous and timid when I first held him but we immediately connected.  After sitting with him for a some time he began feeling safe and snuggled in my arms and was trying to lick my face.  I was convinced that he was the one. 

“Kinley” came home two weeks after the first time I met him, and I immediately changed his name to Prince because he looked like a little Prince when he sits.  We kept the name “Kinley” as well.  He is the joy and little sunshine of our home and lives.  

Princes’ favorite thing to do is play fetch, and eat….. a lot!  Everyday in the early evening he goes to his toy box grabs his favorite toy (a squeaky ball) and brings it to me so that we can play fetch.   He runs for it and brings it back to me, then puts it in my hand so I can throw it again and again until he is tired. 

He barks non-stop to let everyone know when he is hungry or even if you just ask him if he is hungry.     His favorite treat is pumpkin, carrots, strawberries, coconut snacks and Answers goat milk cheese. You can tell who runs our home!

Around 8 pm he is ready for sleep and climbs his stairs to my bed then scratches at the blanket until he finds his comfortable spot. 

Prince loves to snuggle when I am in bed sleeping or if my mom or I are just sitting on the couch. He is our fur baby, very loving and very loyal to us.”

Pet of the Month-December 2018-Fritz Becker

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Rule Breaker

Irresistibly adorable



Young at heart

Fritzy (or Fritz Becker when he is breaking rules) became a member of our household when he was a 12-week-old solid black Doxie who could fit right into our shirt pocket and now he is still solid black (with a touch of gray) 15-year-old boy who prefers to stretch out in the sunlight.

Fritzy is the older brother of two human sisters who he loves to chase and bark at while they are swimming in the pool, throwing his favorite ball or using a broom. Fritzy loves opening presents and never lets a furry stuffed toy remain stuffed…. he is always shaking and pulling out every last bit of fluff.

Fritzy loves going places with his family like picking his sisters up from school, going to the beach, and of course going shopping at his favorite pet shops. He is a great co-pilot sitting in his car seat next to mom watching out for anything exciting ahead only barking when the need arises. He has traveled by car throughout the country making his mark in 22 states and spending many nights in various hotels, relatives’ homes and tent camping.

Although he has three different beds, he prefers to snuggle with mom in her bed tunneling under the covers and taking up as much room as possible. He is the protector of the house, yard, and family barking at anyone who dares approach. Fritzy loves waking his mom and sisters up by giving them kisses and then rolling over to have his belly rubbed.

Every day we are reminded of how lucky we are to have such an adorable, lovable, young at heart, healthy, and spirited Doxie like Fritzy….we are beyond blessed to have him as a part of our family…and we are looking forward to being with him as he continues to make his mark in plenty more states in the upcoming years.

Pet of the Month November 2018-Omi, Micah and Wednesday (TOAH cats)

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Hi there!!!


My name is Omi. I live here at TOAH! I was an orphan and had nowhere to go. Luckily, TOAH brought me in and made me a part of the team! Actually, I run the place now. I am a very vocal, friendly and social cat. I enjoy chasing lizards (through the window), scratching up Dr. Fullenwider’s chair and playfully tormenting my housemate Micah. Ask to see me the next time you are here and I may come out and say hello!! (Photo 1)

I’m Micah. I came to live at TOAH as a baby. Some very nice people brought me here because I was hurt very badly. Dr. McPherson and the other vets began treatment on me right away and I felt so much better. My back leg took a very long time to heal and for awhile we thought I might lose my leg. But thanks to laser therapy and the awesome docs, I healed up very nicely. Now, you would never know I had a problem with my leg. I am a quiet observer, unlike my housemate Omi, but I like to visit with other TOAH pets and look out the window from my favorite cat tree. See you soon!

My name is Wednesday. I am a refined, older lady who is very special. I was very ill a year or so ago, and it wasn’t clear if would ever recover. Lucky, I found the TOAH team who got me all taken care of and since that time, I decided to move in! I enjoy sleeping in boxes around the hospital, on computer screens and refrigerators. My favorite hobby is taunting all of the dogs (hehehe). I am doing very well and enjoying my senior years in luxury!

Pet of the Month-October 2018-Tiger Lily Rudolph

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Congratulations to our October 2018 Pet of the Month!
Tiger Lily Rudolph!
Read her bio below:
“We adopted Tiger Lily when she was a kitten, and she was the last of her litter. I wondered if she was the last because no one had wanted her, but I couldn’t imagine why. She is the sweetest, curious, most precious, friendly kitty I have ever met. We hit the kitty jackpot when we found her!
We have a Shiba at home (Nala) and we were worried how they would react to living together. But when we brought Lily home, Nala went into full momma-mode and took in Lily as her own, giving her baths and even trying to get her to nurse! And Lily didn’t mind at all! They became friends and sisters instantly, and even started sleeping together that night.
Lily is a munchkin cat so she has short legs, but that doesn’t stop her from doing normal cat things. She loves to explore, climb, play with her sister, and chase lizards. Because of her short legs, sometimes when Lily goes for a jump, she doesn’t quite make it! She isn’t the most graceful, but she won’t let you think that. If she falls, she acts like that was what she meant to do!
She is super friendly, instantly loving up on new people or even new animals. I haven’t even heard her hiss ever! Just lots and lots of purrs.
She loves to wake me up at 6am by sitting on me asking for loves and food. A super cute thing she does is she has to stand on the edge of her water bowl to reach in for a drink. Her favorite spot is my empty bathtub in the mornings, when the sun coming in through the window warms it up just right. Between mine, Lily’s, and Nala’s short stature, my boyfriend calls us “Team Little Legs.” I love my team!
Thank you so much for choosing Tiger Lily! We think she is the best kitty in the universe. :)”

Pet of the Month-September 2018-Miss Ellie Johnston

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Congratulations to Miss Ellie Johnston who was nominated by our staff at the September 2018 Pet of the Month!

“Miss Ellie is a 14 year old Siamese. She loves spending her time laying around the house following the sun from window to window. If she get too hot then she goes and lays in front of a fan. She loves to be brushed, even her face, First thing in the morning she has to have a glass of milk. She will follow me throughout the house until I pour one for her. She loves treats. She does try to be a lady and cross her paws when she is laying down.”

Best of Orlando 2018

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Thank you to our valued clients, patients, friends and the community for voting TOAH Best of Orlando 2018!!!

We are honored, humbled and cannot be more gracious for your votes!

It is refreshing to know that our hard work, education and determination is noticed and appreciated and we have gained your trust and loyalty.

Be on the look for us in the September 2018 issue of Orlando Magazine!!


Pet of the Month-August 2018-Vader Murphy

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Hi there!  My name is Vader.  My mom tried to change my name to Milo but, I refused to answer to that name so Vader it is.  I’ve lived with my people since I was 6 months old and now I’m a senior with diabetes.  With the proper diet and insulin, I’ve maintained a very normal life.  Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital really helped me feel better. 

I’m a laid back cat.  I hang with the dogs and they follow me around because I’m the pack leader.  I play with their toys and sleep on their beds.  They know I’m the boss!  I’m really helpful around the house too.  I wake up my people every morning at 6:00am so they know to feed the dogs (and me of course).  If there is a lap free I sit on it so they will be warm.  When I sit next to them I always put a paw on their arm just to give a reminder that I’m there for them. 

When the little boy I live with gets sick I stay with him until he’s feeling better.  I’m kind of like a support cat really. I’m great with kids, dogs, cats, and people.  I don’t discriminate… except for lizards, I eat lizards.  My people love me unconditionally and that’s why I never scratch or bite them.  I purr sometimes when I just make eye contact with them.  We are all really lucky to have found each other.  I’ve had the privilege of being the Pet of the Month at my house many times but, this is the first for the Vet’s office.   I’m honored. Thank you!


Pet of the Month-July 2018-Lulu Mann

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“Thank you for honoring my sweet little girl. Lulu is a pure bred Maltese with abundant energy.  She has congenital mega – esophagus which prevents her food from entering her stomach. She eats in a little high chair and then has to remain in an upright position for 20 to 30 minutes after her meal.  Thank goodness she is small.  Lulu loves to play with stuffed toys that are almost as big as she is and she throttles as if she were a lioness attaching her prey.  Her funniest action is a great deal of walking on her hind legs.  Thanks to the wonderful staff at TOAH, she has remained very healthy.  Although she requires a lot of time, I wouldn’t change her for the world.  She is beyond loving and there are times when she acts as if she is an appendage to my body.”

Pet of the Month-June 2018-Brownie Bass

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Brownie was first found wandering the campus of Jackson Heights Middle School during after-school hours. Mom and sister were there for a club potluck event and, after seeing her roaming around and finding out that animal services had been called, decided to coax her into the family van. We decided to take her in temporarily while we worked with Pet Rescue by Judy to find her a forever home. In the meantime, through the pet rescue, TOAH spayed Brownie for adoption. But like many a pet love story, we decided to keep her; and so she joined mom, dad, three two-legged sisters, and one four-legged sister of the same age. She came to us in very rough shape – severely underweight, riddled with fleas, covered in deep wounds and gashes – and a little over a decade later, she’s now thirteen years old. Despite her “senior” status as a dog, she still has the personality and energy of a puppy!

Brownie absolutely loves food; we know all dogs do, but she really, truly adores food. She particularly loves her special homemade peanut butter dog cookies, watermelon, chicken, her post-bath hamburger patty, and eggs in any form. Brownie loves when she gets her daily snack of a hard-boiled egg, or an occasional poached egg (yes, poached!) when her humans make some for breakfast from time to time.

Her favorite things to do are sunbathing, going on walks, cuddling with her stuffed animal, spreading out and nesting in dirty laundry, and following her humans around the house. Brownie’s trademark features are her adorably large, upright ears, little potbelly (due to a floating rib cage), and big chocolate-brown eyes.

Just recently, we found out that Brownie has a very rare cartilage mass that had grown to a size and in a location that was obstructing her airway. Therefore, in her case, it caused sudden and extreme breathing difficulties. Due to its inoperable location and unsuccessful attempts to identify the mass before it continues growing, Brownie underwent a permanent tracheostomy to first and foremost allow her to breathe again and be able to leave 24-hr hospital care. Brownie will be spending the remainder of her life living comfortably at home with her family. Though she is still in recovery from the procedure, she is doing very well and has regained her energy and spirits to her normal food loving, trotting, and cuddly self. We don’t know how much time she has left, but we are very grateful that she made it through the roughest patch in her life and that she is enjoying what time she does have with her family.

Brownie has been through a tremendous amount this past month, so we’d like to say a big thank you to TOAH for selecting Brownie as June 2018 Pet of the Month. Thank you so much for helping us get Brownie the emergency care she needed. Brownie made it through everything so far because of the amazing care of Dr. McPherson-Hurt, the TOAH staff, and the doctors at AVS.