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Pet of the Month-Babe Babinchak-December 2019

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Congratulations to Babe Babinchak our December 2019 Pet of the Month. Read her bio below!

“Babe is a 12-year-old, 9-pound, Shih Tzu -Pomeranian mix, who was born and raised in the Bahamas.  After suffering an unfortunate birth accident, Babe lost part of her left rear leg.  But that did not prevent her from walking and living a very purposeful life.  As a puppy she went to live with an elderly couple where she remained a constant companion and alert dog to an Alzheimer’s victim, and an osteoporosis patient.  Upon their death, she came to live with family in Winter Park.  For much of her life Babe suffered chronic bladder ailments.  Recently the brilliant doctors at Tuscawilla Oaks discovered that she has Cushing’s disease.  After finding the right medication for her, Babe is now living a retirement she deserves with her one eyed 55-pound companion rescue “Lucky Dog.” Thank you Tuscawilla Oaks- you’re the best!”

Pet of the Month-November 2019-Max McBride

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Congratulations to our November 2019 Pet of the Month, Max McBride!!! Read his Bio below!!

“One evening in August of 2008, I was walking my three dogs near the entrance to my neighborhood. Suddenly, my Doberman-mix, Roscoe, rushed over to some bushes along our path. I went to see what he was so curious about and found this tiny kitten. The kitten was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. Even though his eyes were still partially closed, he put up a fight when Roscoe got a little too close. It seemed he was abandoned, so home he went with me and my three dogs.

The next day I took him to TOAH, which is where my dogs had been going for years. After some tests, they found he was a sick little fellow. He was sent home with several medications and not a lot of hope in recovery. It was a tough couple of months because we were not sure he was going to make it. But, with the love and support of the TOAH team, and a neighbor of mine that is a nurse, Max recovered! I felt really blessed that he was given a chance at life. With much wonder, I watched as he grew into a beautiful young cat. Max considered me, my son and the three dogs, his family. When he was almost two, he became sick again. This time he was diagnosed with diabetes. He has been dealing with this for nine years now.

A couple of years ago I adopted another stray to give Max company (our three dogs had all passed away and I knew he missed them). To my amazement, Stella (the new stray) began to teach Max how to be more like a cat. I will never forget the first time he came into the living room with a toy mouse in his mouth, as if he had caught it. He proclaimed for awhile how proud of himself he was. Stella has since taught him even more kitty things.

Max loves to be rubbed on his head and back (especially in the early morning hours). He is very good at chasing and catching lizards and bringing them in the house. He does seem confused about me trying to catch them and put them back out though.

Max is such a blessing and so loved by us all. With all that he has been through, I can’t help but admire how he keeps thriving and being a very loving cat. When I need encouragement and inspiration, I think of Max. He truly is amazing. Thank you TOAH for choosing Max as pet of the month!”

Pet of the Month-October 2019-Muddy Miskell

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Congratulations to our October 2019, Pet of the Month, Muddy Miskell. Please read his bio below!
“This is our best bud, Muddy. He’s nearly 2 ½ years old now and is a monumental joy to us! We were lucky enough to find him at the Save a Life organization at Petsmart in Oviedo. There he was, with his 8 brothers and sisters, all in one makeshift pen. We could tell right away that he loved people as he jumped and wiggled to get our attention, and wow, was he happy when we picked him up!
As for his name; Muddy delighted in stepping onto the top step of the pool to get a drink, then would go streaking through the flower beds when we tried to corral him, leaving great big sloppy footprints all over the pool deck! Also, he is a perfect color for the name Muddy. His name also pays homage to the great Muddy Waters, just because we’re fans.
We have two older female rescues who taught Muddy to be a good boy! He still defers to them in all things. He knows he’s #3 in line to get his Milk bone or to get his supper and knows when to get off the couch if one of the “girls” touches his nose. One of his most interesting traits is how he likes to be against one of us when he takes a nap, and a canine will do just fine when humans aren’t available.
We were looking for a friend who would help us fill the loss of a beloved family member, and Muddy is perfect! He’s the perfect mix of fun-loving friend and cuddle-up counselor. Just the boy we needed.”

Pet of the Month-September 2019-Jasper Rusnock

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Congratulations to our September 2019 Pet of the Month.
Jasper Rusnock! Please read his bio below:)

“We were looking for a companion for our lab/boxer mix, Sophie, who had undergone shoulder surgery and was depressed.

On May 15, 2013, at an event held by Pet Rescue by Judy, our eyes met. It was kismet! There he was, Jasper! A year and a half old Irish setter/retriever mix. He had some puppy energy but clearly knew he had to fit in. And he has. Loyal to a fault, he follows us everywhere we go, right by our side. Always has and probably always will.

Jasper’s more recent story begins with TOAH. Returning from a vacation, we became very concerned about Jasper’s abdomen and how it was getting larger and larger. The following morning as Jasper lay on the floor, our cat Oliver (sensing something was amiss), touched noses with Jasper. Perhaps offering him one of his nine lives. We immediately placed a call to TOAH, and were at the office and seen by Dr. McPherson and her team immediately.

After an x-ray of the abdomen, which signaled nothing good, Dr. McPherson made arrangements for us to go directly to see the skillful team at AVS. Within hours, under the caring eyes of Dr. Ellison, Jasper’s spleen was removed, along with a large hematoma and a liter of blood from his abdomen. We thought we were going to lose him. But we did not. Mother Nature had other ideas for him!

He is back chasing lizards and critters in our yard, just as he did before his surgery.

And when we all take walks, he keeps a close eye on Sophie as she gets older and struggles.

He is happy and healthy now and still the great companion we had hoped for.”

Pet of the Month-August 2019-Sophie Braun

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Sophie is honored to have been selected as Pet of the Month!  

From the time we adopted her at 5 months old, she has been a pistol.  At 12 years old, she’s still a pistol!  She is just as attentive, spunky and playful as she was as a puppy.

Sophie is the self-proclaimed “Princess” of the Braun family. She loves (and commands) attention 99% of the time. She is happiest when she is at home with her family and sitting on the pool deck overlooking her Kingdom! Her favorite activities include going for long walks and stealing mom & dad’s shoes. (if they’re watching TV and not paying attention to her.) 

Sophie has always been a picky eater & thin and earlier this year, Dr. Taylor performed some routine bloodwork and it showed that she was anemic. He referred Sophie to see an internist at AVS. An ultrasound exposed masses in her spleen and she needed to have her spleen removed. In addition, she had GI biopsies and was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She’s has been treated with a low dose of prednisone and is now eating a human grade food.

Currently, she’s doing great, and back to being a pistol!!

Pet of the Month-July 2019-Maizie Sullivan

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Congratulations to our July 2019 Pet of the Month!

Maizie Sullivan

We adopted Maizie in 2009, right before we moved to Florida.  When she came home with us, she was no larger than the size of my palm – such cuteness! She is a crazy, grouchy cat, but we love her.

Over the years she has been diagnosed with several issues – feline hyperesthesia (watch a video – it’s crazy), multiple allergies, and anxiety. TOAH has always been there to help us with solutions and medications that are best suited for our girl.

Last August, I noticed a small lump on her flank and scheduled an appointment with TOAH. After examining the lump, there was concern as to whether what type of lump it could be – was it a fat deposit or cancer? Dr. Taylor immediately scheduled a surgery to determine the causation of the lump. Although he was completely booked, he made the time to fit her in and get the lump analyzed. There were after-surgery complications, but Dr. Taylor and Dr. McPherson were always available to answer and discuss my questions and concerns I had (there were a ton).

Thanks to TOAH and their referral to awesome radiation specialists at UF, we quickly discovered Maizie had a rare form of fibrosarcoma. Dr. Taylor conferred with the surgical and radiation specialists in Gainesville, and we were able to give Maizie the treatment she needed. It took another grueling surgery, CT scans, and over three weeks of radiation treatment, but she took all the poking and prodding like a trooper.

Maizie is currently doing well and enjoys hissing, eating, and sleeping. She loves to purr and cuddle – when she feels like it.

Pet of the Month-June 2019-Mary O’Donnell

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Congratulations to our June 2019, Pet of the Month, Mary O’Donnell!!!

“Mary joined our family in November 2002. She was a rescue kitty from the Seminole County Animal Shelter.

We actually went looking for a black, male kitten and came home with a female Siamese kitten!! She was about 10 weeks old and boy, was she a handful. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t climb.

In the many years since that time, Mary has proven to be a very loving kitty. And, of course, a very talkative one. She always has something to say to anyone passing by and will come talk to us if and when she needs a servant.

Thank you TOAH for nominating Mary. She feels very honored to have been chosen.”

Pet of the Month-May 2019-Daisy Yonchik

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Congratulations to our May 2019 Pet of the Month, Daisy Yonchik. Read her bio below:)

“This is our baby. She is an 8-year-old, 13-pound Maltese. We call her Daisy. At TOAH, they call her “Trooper”.  She’s one tough dog!

Daisy came into our lives in the Spring of 2011. She was a gift to my in-laws. Although she only spent a short time with them, she brought so much joy to their lives. After my mother-in-law passed, my father-in-law moved into an assisted living community and could no longer take care of Daisy. So, now she lives with us and visits her first Daddy once a week.

Daisy is the most laid back, lovable Maltese you could ever meet. Whether it’s the FedEx driver, neighbors, or our contractor, Daisy has never met a stranger she didn’t like. She introduces herself (and me) to any human she sees. She wags her tail furiously and pulls on her leash till the new human comes to pet her. Everyone who meets her falls in love. It happened to us, too!

One evening this February, while we were walking, she was attacked by an unleashed dog who flew so fast down the driveway none of us even saw it until it had grabbed Daisy, lifted her up and was starting to shake her back and forth. All we could see was a little white fluff of fur up in the air and yelping in the shrillest pitch I’ve ever heard. We had to take her to the emergency vet for surgery. Brought her to TOAH because we knew she’d get the best care there. All totaled, she had 4 surgeries, some overnight stays, and tons of antibiotics. TOAH got to know Daisy really well and with all she’d been through said she was a real . . . you guessed it . . . TROOPER.”


Pet of the Month-April 2019-Tallulah Dassing

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Congratulations to our April 2019 Pet of the Month Tallulah Dassing!!!! Read her bio below:)

“After losing my 16 year old mixed lab in January 2008, I said I was not getting another dog right now, but I think God had another plan.

I went into a vet supply store in October 2008 for my Mom’s dog and my 2 cats and they were talking about a dog that was to be put down the following Thursday because she had been at the Orange County pound for a month. I saw her picture and said if nobody gets her before then, call me. They called me Thursday morning and I rushed down there to meet this very thin, blonde, mixed lab who they called Lady.

We went outside to have a visit, but she really was not interested in me. She kept looking out the fence, I had a friend with me and I said I am not sure I would want a dog that is so disinterested in new people. I barely got the words out of my mouth when she came and sat down in front of me and looked at me with those big brown eyes. The rest is history.

I immediately changed her name to Tallulah Mae Dassing because we are southern and Lady did not fit her at all. She is the most laid back sweetest girl in the world, except when she tried to steal the Thanksgiving turkey, but we all have are flaws.

After several years Tallulah hurt both of her knees and had surgery 4 times, little did I know at the time it was the wrong surgery for a dog her size. At work one day she collapsed because her knees gave out. I was a wreck but I remembered an article in the Winter Springs/Oviedo magazine about TOAH and a new stem cell therapy. I called got an appointment and had the stem cell therapy done. It has been amazing for her, she won’t ever be the same from the bad surgery but the stem cell therapy keeps her moving and being able to go to the park with her friends.

All of the staff at TOAH are wonderful and Tallulah does not even mind going. If you have a pet that is not getting around very good and has slowed way down, you should think about stem cell therapy, it has added a wonderful quality of life for my girl Tallulah.”

-Terri Dassing

Pet of the Month-March 2019-Kitty Luther

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Congratulation to Kitty Luther for being nominated as March 2019 Pet of the Month. Read her bio below:)

“Kitty was born in the year of 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska. She came to our house looking for food in February 2009. She was starving, homeless, the tip of her right ear was frozen off and she was pregnant. She was under a year old. All was taken care of.

In May of 2017, we moved to Florida and Kitty flew with us, never making a sound. She has since settled into her new home with us and is quite happy.

A high note concerning Kitty, she never bites or scratches people or furniture.


Lou and Ida Luther”