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Pet of the Month-Sept 2021-Reese Campbell

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Congratulations to our September 2021 Pet of the Month, Reese Campbell!! Read his bio below:

“Hi, my name is Reese; it’s actually Mel’s Reese Is Better Than Chocolate, according to my AKC registration. I was born on 05/18/2011 and lived with a brother until 10/30/2018 when my first Mom listed me on “Rescue Me” because she was moving in with her fiance, who would not allow two dogs. When my current Mom drove 60 plus miles to meet me  –  my crate, kibble, and two toys were packed and ready to go. I was scared and shy, but my new Mom immediately began talking in a kind, warm voice and loaded me into her car. On the way home, I cried a little. I found I was no longer locked in my crate but was allowed to roam in the house wherever I wanted to go.  I quickly learned to wait to go outside on a leash to relieve myself.

Within weeks I met my vet, the kind, gentle Dr. Fullenwider, and technicians at TOAH for my first dental and neutering. All went well, except every year since I’ve had to have several teeth pulled as my gums keep deteriorating – ugh!

As I was not leash trained, we had difficulty going for walks because I wanted to chase every squirrel, gecko, and certain other dogs out for their walks, but as Mom had recently had shoulder surgery. I pulled and jerked (a lot!), so Mom found a great trainer, and I went to Boot Camp for six weeks. (Mom cried). I learned to come, stay, heel, sit, lay down, and ‘leave it. Now I listen to Mom most of the time except when I meet a dog I do not like, or that is walking in front of our house,  or when the doorbell rings or repairmen come into the house, I express my protectiveness for my Mom.  My ‘Aunt’ says I am my Mom’s shadow ‘cause I follow Mom around from room-to-room and ‘cry’  if she goes outside without me. When I ‘cry,’ I sound just like a baby! One is a sad “cry,” and one is an excited “cry,” but both are loud.

At home, I am not a cuddler, although I am working on it. I wouldn’t say I like many toys, only my fleece lamb, which I carry around in my mouth, sometimes whining until I lay down to rest. I’m not too fond of balls or playing fetch. A nap is more suitable.

I like to ride in the car. Every four weeks, I ride in the car to go to the groomer because my hair is “curly and fine,” getting matted easily on my tummy and legs, and this is okay. Still, when Mom takes me to TOAH Play Day, I get all excited as we get a couple of blocks away, and I begin to ‘cry,’ excited to see my friends (techs). Interestingly I am not aggressive with any of the other dogs at Play Day. This is because I really like Play Day.”

Pet of the Month-Kylo Jackson-August 2021

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Congratulations to our August 2021 Pet of the Month, Kylo Jackson!!! Read his full bio in his words below:)
“Hi!!! My name is Kylo! I am a ten-month-old black Goldendoodle. I have to say this because a lot of people ask my family if I am a labradoodle because I am not gold; but in fact, my doggie mom is a black F1 Goldendoodle and I get my color and markings from her. I arrived at my forever home to my fur-less mom, dad, and two brothers when I was nine weeks old. They say my dad found the folks who bred me, and my mom wanted me as soon as he got photos of me and videos of me playing with my doggie brothers and sisters to show her. They were both excited to meet me! It was a long ride home and I was scared but brave. I was no bigger than my dad’s boot when I arrived. I was a Christmas surprise that dropped into their lives while they were both working from home during the pandemic. Come to think of it, my mom still works from home. They talked about getting a puppy but wanted to make sure the circumstances were right. My brothers couldn’t believe I was theirs because they asked for me for so long. Anyway, they all loved me from the very beginning with cuddles and hugs and food and toys, so I worked hard to listen and be trained, and guess what? I stopped having accidents in the house when I was about three or four months old! Yep, I decided enough was enough and I could do it no matter my age!
I love my family because they give me lots of love and affection, and they are always spending time with me. I give them the same by greeting them with hugs, wags, and kisses in the morning at their bedsides and when they arrive home. I do a pretty good job obeying them, and I sometimes know what they want when they speak to me as they do to each other. I’m learning everyone’s names and I play with everyone; especially my brothers! They even play with me when I’m tired after a long day, but I tell myself I’d rather play than have a nap. And I do love a good nap! I also play by myself with a lot of toys from my toy box, but I especially like playing with my stuffed dragon, Draggy. He’s green, orange, and yellow, and he makes the best crunching and squeaking sounds when I’m playing really hard! I love Draggy!
I’ve learned my voice and use it when I need to get my family’s attention. They tell me I’m a pretty good alert dog because I only bark when I have to instead of all the time, like when someone is approaching the house, or if the lawn guy is on his mower or using his blower too close to the house, or if a storm is coming, or if I have to go potty when they are asleep or spread throughout the house. I also use my voice when company comes to the house (after I bark to let them know my mom, dad, and brothers are my family, and before I give them a good sniff to make sure they are okay) or when I see squirrels get too close to the back door.
Guess what? I’ve recently started sleeping overnight outside of my crate! Mom and Dad discovered I like laying down in the hallway outside my brothers’ bedrooms and since I decided to stop eating t.p. and chewing on socks (mostly), they laid a bed down there for me and that’s where I sleep overnight now. I sometimes check on all my family in the early morning as quietly as I can, but I’m afraid the tags on my collar wake them up. I can’t help it because I want to keep them safe. Did I mention I haven’t had an accident in a long time? Nope, no overnight accidents for me! I also love a good walk around the neighborhood and a hard run around the backyard. I also like going for car rides, trips to the park, or dining out at doggy-approved restaurants. And, I love playing with my friends at TOAH for playdays and I’m always excited when I am in the parking lot because I know I am going to have fun and be well-cared-for until my mom or dad arrives. Going to the groomers is okay – I don’t like the extra loud vacuum, but I do love the people.
Well, that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it!
– Kylo”

Pet of the Month-July 2021-Teeny Lane

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Congratulations to our July 2021 Pet of the Month, Teeny Lane. 

Read her bio below:)

“Teeny became part of the family in May 2011 when she was around 4 years old. She likes to be where the action is and will often gravitate to wherever people are hanging out. Her favorite type of toy is a string or shoelace that she can chase, then lie down and chew on. She loves snuggling and will cuddle up whenever Mom lies on the couch. She’s very vocal and will sometimes meow quietly to herself with no apparent notice of anyone who may be listening. During the pandemic, Teeny accomplished a long-sought-after goal of losing weight, dropping down to 15 lbs., a 20% decrease from a year ago!”

Pet of the Month-June 2021-Nudie Wrinkles

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Congratulation to our June 2021 pet of the month, Nudie Wrinkles. Read his bio below:)

“Nudie came to us from a Sphynx rescue group when he was just six months old. He quickly took over the household with his personality and his range of noises. He is keen on letting us know his feeling at all times. His affection is on his terms that result in cuddles that are more meaningful to his moms. When guests come over, he loves to show off. He loves playing with his toy cat wands and jumping long distances. Once, he had to have a bath because a failed jump resulted in him being soaked in wine. Although hairless, he feels similar to a peach and has a furry nose and tail.  He enjoys sitting in his hanging window hammock in the Florida room, chirping at birds and lizards, and cuddling with mom when he’s ready for treats or wet food.”

Pet of the Month-May 2021-Gus Webb

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Congratulations to our May 20201 Pet of the Month! Gus Webb!!

Read a cute note from his mommy below:

‘I rescued Gus from Rescuing Animals In Need (RAIN) as a three-month-old puppy.  He has always been A LOT of dogs! He loves everyone and everything he meets and takes on the world with GUSto! This includes his weekly day play at TOAH. He especially loves Isabella, who takes extra time to work with him. As an extrovert, Gus has pulled this little introvert out of her shell and made me talk to people. Who rescued who? There is no question, Gus rescued me. ”

Pet of the Month-April 2021-Molly Long

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Congratulations to our April 2021 Pet of the Month Molly Long!!!

“In February 2017, Molly was abandoned in the woods after recently having puppies and was picked up by Animal Control. A Pitbull Rescue obtained her from Animal Control, and they posted her pitiful picture on Facebook with a caption indicating she would be put down if she wasn’t immediately adopted. So, I felt “called” to adopt this sweet girl.

Molly’s birthday is approximately January 2015. No one is sure, though. It was apparent she had gone through some rough times. She was shy and withdrawn for the first few days after arriving at our home and kept to herself. However, she gradually came around to the adorable, social girl she is now. She loves treats. Her taste becomes more refined as she gets older (the more expensive, the better). However, she has no interest in toys…… unless another dog has one or wants one of her toys. 

She’s sweet, sassy, friendly, and laid back. She comes alive when she knows we’re going to TOAH’s day play! She loves the staff and her friends, and she is surely worn out when she returns home. 

I’m happy she came to me, and I couldn’t offer her a more wonderful life.” 

Pet of the Month-March 2021-Spot McGrew

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Congratulations to our March 2021. Pet of the MOnth, SPot McGrew! Read his BIO below:)

“Spot was born 7/8/13.  His mother was a Basset and his father was whatever came over the fence.  He lives with Chuck and Phyllis McGrew in Casselberry.  He is named after the character in a series of children’s books. He enjoys being petted, walks, and treats. He enjoys RVing and has traveled about 35,000 miles although he slept through most of the driving. He is almost always happy, strives to please, and gets on well with people.  He has not had a lot of opportunities to socialize with other dogs so he can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs on his turf.  He recently had a herniated disk and had to undergo a laminectomy. He was paralyzed in his hindquarters but has almost recovered completely after several weeks of physical therapy.”

Pet of the Month, February 2021, Yoyo Thompson

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Congratulation to our February 2021 POTM, Yoyo Thompson!!!
Read his BIO below:)
“Yoyo is our sweet 3 1/2-year-old, Abyssinian mix, guinea pig. He was born on July 18, 2017, and came into our lives in October 2017. We found him on Craig’s list ad, as we were searching for a brother for our elder guinea pig, Harry. We named him Yoyo because of his rambunctious, bouncing energy. 
Yoyo and Harry enjoyed each other’s company immensely and really loved one another. Sadly, we lost our Harry on 
November 12, 2019.  Three months later, on February 22nd, Yoyo gained a new brother named Antonio.  They greatly love each other.
In December 2020 we learned Yoyo had developed three bladder stones. Yoyo passed two of the stones on his own, and on December 22nd Dr. McPherson performed the surgery to remove the remaining stone. It took Yoyo about a week to recover, with lots of hand-feeding and TLC. We feel grateful that he made a full recovery. 
While Yoyo is back to his happy, daily routine, he developed several more stones and is undergoing medicinal and dietary treatment
to hopefully help pass these current stones and eliminate any from forming in the future. 
Yoyo is a tiny guinea pig with a huge. strong, loving spirit. We want to thank Dr. McPherson and all the staff at TOAH for the amazing care and love they’ve given to our babies over the years, and also for nominating Yoyo for the February Pet of the Month.
Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital is truly the best of the best! ”      


Pet of the Month, January 2021, Flynn Berkheimer

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Congratulations to our January 2021 Pet of the Month, Flynn Berkheimer!!!! Read his bio below!!
“Flynn came into my life in March 2018. I had just lost my dear little Artie that January. I usually wait a while before starting a search for a new best friend, but, Artie and my sister’s dog, Winnie, were very close and we were all feeling the loss. I also feared that if I waited too long Winnie would deem herself “controller of the house” and would be reluctant to share “her” house with a new pet (Chihuahuas can be that way). So, I set out looking for a beagle with the same attributes as Artie (older with a sweet disposition and the patience of a saint!)
In comes Flynn (aka, DooD). I don’t know much about his past, other than he was picked up as a stray somewhere in the panhandle area and landed himself in a shelter. With hurricanes approaching, the shelter put out an urgent call to rescue groups across Florida in an attempt to clear the shelter prior to the storms because new pets would certainly show up. A rescue group out of Tampa took him in and had him for almost a year. I saw him on Petfinder and immediately fell in love with his dear sweet face. After clearing the approval process, my sister and I went to pick him up in Tampa! He drooled (and I do mean drooled) for the 2.5-hour ride home! I knew he was heartworm positive, but they said he had only one more treatment before he could be re-checked.
Once home, he slept while Winnie cautiously checked him out. We were pleased that she didn’t register any animosity toward him – Yay! He doesn’t play with toys (can’t be bothered); but he likes to be chased and can run like the wind – I think he thinks he’s a greyhound! On his second day in the house, Winnie put her paw and his, and from that point on they have been inseparable.
The next day Dr. Fullenwider, the dear soul that she is, checked him out. Turns out, the heartworm treatment they used wasn’t successful, so we had to put him through more treatments. Once complete, he was finally pronounced heartworm-free. We then had to tackle his bum eye. The eye doctor said he had a very pronounced cataract that needed to be addressed.
Now he is a happy, healthy member of our family! He is everything I was looking for and more. Thanks to Dr. Fullenwider and everyone at TOAH.
If you’ve ever thought about adopting an older dog – do it!”

Pet of the Month-December 2020-Bun Bun Bell

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“Bun Bun came into our lives in September of 2016.   Her original owner was moving to Israel and planned on taking her cat with her.  However, when she was checking in for her flight, she was told that she had missed one of the shots that were required for the cat to be allowed into the country.  She spent 2 days staying at the hotel in the airport trying to work it all out, but ultimately decided she would have to leave her behind.  She couldn’t bring herself to take her to the shelter though.  Instead, she came down to the lobby on the way to her flight and told the concierge, who was my sister Melissa, that she had left the cat in her room and asked her to take her to the shelter.  The cat was scared but very sweet.  My sister couldn’t bring herself to take the cat to the shelter either.   

Our mom had lost her cat and had considered getting another one, so my sister sent her a picture of this white kitty with tiger-striped ears and matching heart-shaped marking on her side.  My mom fell in love with her immediately.  The cat had thick, soft fur like a bunny, so she changed her name to Bun Bun.   My mom passed away in October 2019 of lung cancer.  Before she passed, she asked me to take Bun Bun because my daughter Lauren loved her and had always wanted a cat.  She also felt that Bun Bun would be happy at our house because we have a big screened in patio.  Bun Bun loved to be outside on my mom’s screened in deck, chasing lizards and squirrels that often ran across the screen. We took in Bun Bun and introduced her to her new sister Murphy (our Chihuahua/Min Pin rescue dog).  They didn’t care much for each other at first.  Murphy is very alpha and thought she would dominate this relationship, but a few whacks from Bun Bun’s quick paw gave Murphy healthy respect for Bun Bun.   

After losing her first two owners, this, unfortunately, was not the end of the turmoil in Bun Bun’s life.  On September 4th of this year, our lives were shattered as our sweet kitty was severely injured in a car accident.  The right side of her face was crushed, and we did not think she would live.  Dr. Fullenwider and the incredible team at TOAH sprang into action and have practically performed a miracle.  They took this beautiful creature who was on the brink of death and helped us nurture her back to life.  She has had a difficult journey, as she lost an eye and her jaw was broken.  She had a feeding tube in for over two months and a wire that was in place for weeks to set her jaw.  She had numerous laser treatments to heal her shattered nasal passage and jaw. Bun Bun’s mental state was very fragile after the accident, as her life and abilities had changed drastically in an instant.  Dr. Fullenwider and the team at TOAH has helped us address all aspects of Bun Bun’s healing – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  When I bring her in for an appointment, I feel as though I am bringing her to a friend that loves her as much as we do.  She has made a better recovery than any of us expected in our wildest dreams.  Initially, after the accident, she was hesitant to venture out of her room and would not dare try to jump on even the couch. She now is living her life almost as she did before the accident.  She jumps on the back of a chair to perch and keep an eye on things around her.  She is the ruler of the patio once again, chasing squirrels on the screen and hunting down lizards that now realize that even with one eye, she is super quick and not to be messed with!  She is also back to putting our dog Murphy in her place.  Above all, we are happy to see that she is back to being the loving kitty that adores laying with us and getting a good scratch. 

We can’t thank Dr. Fullenwider and the team of TOAH enough for giving Bun Bun her life back.  We are forever grateful for their talent, kindness, and compassion that saved our beautiful kitty.”