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Pet of the Month, Ceelo Thorne, April 2022

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Congratulations to our April 2022 Pet of the Month, Ceelo Thorne!
Read his bio below😊
“Ceelo is a 9.5-year-old male grey and white (‘blue nose’) American Staffordshire Terrier who likes walks, rides in cars, and belly rubs.
He also enjoys toys and bones to chew on. In addition, he loves people and other friendly dogs.
He also seems to be the center of attention whenever he goes to the vet.
Ceelo’s original owner could not keep him due to apartment restriction’s on dogs, so we adopted him. Or, more correctly, he adopted us.
Ceelo recently finished chemotherapy and is doing well. He lost his whiskers but still looks as handsome as ever.
He enjoys every day and loves to sleep with all four legs in the air on the couch.
Sometimes he thinks he is a dog and other times a human!”

Pet of the Month, March 2022, Kai Fields

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Congratulations to our March 2022 Pet of the Month, Kai Fields!!!

Read his bio below:).

“Kai (and his brother Tai) came to me by way of my older sister in 2019. His exact age is unknown because I am his third home, but I promise I am also his FURever home! Kai is the most playful but sweet cat I have ever had the privilege to call mine. He is like a dog in a cat’s body because his favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs! And he has no problem nudging your hand until you do it! While he’s still not too sure of his new puppy sister, he loves playing with his brother and can almost always be found within a foot or two of him! TOAH is our family veterinary practice, so Kai has been under Dr.Fullenwider’ss watchful eye since coming home. Unfortunately, in 2021, Kai was diagnosed with feline diabetes, which led to a trying year and many veterinary visits. Yet, the amazing doctors, technicians, and staff at TOAH have gone out of their way to make Kai feel at home every time and continually give him all the love and belly rubs he could ever want. For that, I am so grateful.”

Pet of the Month, February 2022, Henry Harrington

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Congratulations to our February 2022 Pet of the Month, Henry Harrington!

Read his bio below:)

Hi! my name is Henry Harrington, aka “Mr. Wigglebottom” because I am constantly on the move! I am a “Shorkie” and was born on January 29, 2021. At the age of three months, I moved in with my new family in Casselberry. My favorite thing to do is attend Day Play at TOAH and play with my friends Bella, Fozzie, Parker, and Molly. I can barely contain my excitement when I arrive and see the other pets in their cars! My parents brought me to Day Play early on so I could learn positive social skills and good manners. I receive lots of hugs and kisses from all of the pack leaders. I love to play fetch and run around our backyard. When I meet someone new, I like to roll onto my back so they can rub my belly. When I eat my dinner, I always leave one morsel for later, just in case I get hungry again. At night I love to sleep on the big soft bed and watch cooking shows on television with my parents. Overall, I am a very happy pup, and I am honored to be February 2022 Pet of the Month. 🐶🐾

Pet of the Month, January 2022, Tim Matray

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Congratulations to our January 2022 Pet of the Month, Tim Matray. Read his bio below:)

“This is Tim. He’s an 18 lb Boston Terrier that is approximately 8 to 10 years old. His exact age is unknown because he was adopted from an animal shelter after being found wandering in a field without any identification or chip. Once the shelter’s waiting period was over, he was brought home and has been loved and spoiled ever since.

Tim is super sweet, gentle, kind, loving, playful, and silly. His favorite things are accompanying mom and dad wherever they are, food, playing with toys, chasing lizards, curling up in blankets, and snoring. He only ever barks when he’s dreaming in his sleep.

Tim has been under veterinary care for health issues for much of the six years he has been with us. 2021 was particularly challenging, though, as Tim was diagnosed with myeloencephalitis of unknown etiology (MUE), a degenerative mitral valve, and a heart murmur in quick succession. In Tim’s case of MUE, his immune system is attacking his central nervous system leading to inflammation in his brain and cluster seizures. The bad news is that this is a terminal illness; the good news is that there is a treatment that can help prolong a good quality of life and his vets are all pleased with his response so far. To help, Tim is on multiple medications, including anticonvulsants, a steroid, and chemo injections on back-to-back days every three weeks. Tim is handling it all like a champ, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Tim is Tim, only a few steps slower due to the medication and his condition.

Tim is a dear family member, a best friend. He helped bring my wife and me together and has gotten me through many tough times. I promised him I will do everything I can for him until he let’s me know it’s time. Until then, we are making the most of each day and cherishing the time we have with him. Tim is an extraordinary dog, and I only hope he knows how much he is loved.

That said, we’d like to thank the entire team at TOAH, particularly Dr. McPherson, the technicians, and the front office team, who are always kind and provide excellent care for Tim. We’d also like to thank the neurology team at Blue Pearl Maitland (formerly AVS), particularly Dr. Miller, Dr. Knight, Dr. Blakey, their techs, and front office staff as well.

You have ALL helped Tim and our family through some tough times, and we will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you!”

Pet of the Month, December 2021, Sammy Stubberfield

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Congratulations to our December 2021 Pet of the month, Sammy Stubberfield. Read his bio below:)

“Sammy is our “mellow” boy. He goes with the flow most of the time..until it is time for his medicine.
Sammy lived next door to us in California, but they had four dogs, and none of them liked Sam, so he was a 24/7 outdoors cat. Eventually, Sam would hang out at our house, and we amicably acquired him. He even moved with us cross country along with Sadie, our other cat.
Sammy and Sadie are now indoor cats and enjoy watching all the funny creatures in our yard. TOAH has helped Sammy with his allergies and continues their compassionate service. Here’s to our Sammy! Thanks, TOAH”


Pet of the Month, Sassy Collins, October 2021

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Congratulations to our October 2021, Pet of the Month, Sassy Collins!!
Read her bio below:)
“The Life and Times of Lil Sass Meow!! My name is Lil Sass, aka Sass, Sassy, Sassy Frassy, Princess, and Miss Collins! My family never calls their pets by just one name, lol.
My mom, Brenna, found me hiding under a car in the parking lot of her apartment complex ten years ago. My fur was shaved off in patches, and even my tail was shaved. I was scared and hungry. She gently coaxed me out and brought me into her home, where she gave me water, food, time to adjust, and lots of love. She had a boy cat living with her named Sebastian (Batty.) I don’t like boy cats, but he was very shy, and after a short time, we actually became buddies. I adapted well to this new situation, and the three of us lived in harmony for a few years until…
My mom decided to move to South Florida with a friend who was allergic to cats. She had rescued other cats living at her parents’ house, so Batty and I moved in there with them. UGH…not only were there four boy cats…there were two DOGS! Are you kidding me!?! It was kind of hard for me to adjust. Those boys were everywhere, and I spent a lot of time hissing at them and trying to find a space for myself. Luckily my grandmom, Debi, was very patient, and she got me some Feliway which helped me calm down.
It’s been eight years since I moved in with my grandparents, and everything was going great. I spent my days going in and out of the cat door to lounge on the pool deck, outside with my grandad, Mark, to get catnip, and being pampered like the princess I am…, especially by my grandmom. I loved hanging out with her on the bed and beside her on a stool while she read or watched tv. The boy cats learned not to mess with me, or I would swat them, and the dogs have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. They really weren’t that bad, and I kind of miss them but don’t tell anyone I said that.
Unfortunately, a few months ago, my grandmom noticed I had lost weight. So in August 2020, when I had my annual checkup, everything was fine…except they said I was a “senior” cat…excuse moi!!! Anyway, I went to see Dr. Fullenwider…all the family pets have been going to TOAH for over 20 years. We love all the vets, techs, and receptionists!!
Dr. Fullenwider examined me and did bloodwork which sadly did not have good results. I have kidney disease, high blood pressure, and anemia. This was very upsetting to my family, but Dr. Fullenwider got me started on medication and kidney disease cat food so I would feel better. I’m not too thrilled to take meds every day, and I hate kidney cat food and won’t eat it. Luckily Dr. Fullenwider said I could eat regular cat food and prescribed another medication every time I eat. My uncle, Evan, is good at giving me my pills and other medicines, and I try to behave for him…most of the time.
As if this wasn’t bad enough, I started having trouble with discharge from my right eye. I went back to Dr. F, and she was very concerned and had me see an Ophthalmologist. Long story short, I developed a condition that required my right eye to be removed. My family was so worried about having to have surgery, but I’m a tough girl and did great. I’m recovering well…eating, drinking, and sleeping with the dreaded Cone of Shame. I’ll be so glad to get rid of that thing!
My family said I’m as beautiful as ever…just perfect. I hope that even with my medical issues, I will be with them for a long time. I love them very much! Also, I feel very blessed to be so lovingly cared for by my other family at TOAH! Life is GOOD!!

Pet of the Month, November 2021, Fozzie Marinshaw

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Congratulations to our November 2021 Pet of the M0nth! FOZZIE BEAR MARINSHAW! Read his bio below:)

“Hi there! I was born on September 17, 2016, on a farm in Alabama.  I have four brothers, and all of us had our pictures on a website so people could pick out which puppy they wanted.  My new mommy and daddy decided they wanted me, so after nine weeks, someone drove me to Chuluota to meet them.  I liked them right away, and they LOVED me.  They said I looked like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets, so that’s how I got my name.

I grew fast, ate a lot, played a lot, went to obedience school to become a better pet, but sometimes mommy and daddy say I need to go back for more schooling.  I always like to go for walks.  Sometimes I drink out of the sprinklers in different yards.  Sometimes I find treasures I want to take home, like sunglasses, masks, tree limbs, or empty paper cups.

One thing I love to do is pick up shoes, clothing, pillows, magazines, or food and run around the house to make mommy and daddy chase me.  Another “bad dog” thing I did was chase 16 chickens around their yard to drive them crazy, and now I’m not allowed to go back to their house.  I think these are the reasons mommy and daddy want me to go back to obedience school.

Other things I like are playing tug-of-war with my humans or other dogs, taking naps with my stuffed animals, stretching out on furniture or the floor, and carrying a bag of dog treats around, hoping someone will open it for me.

My very favorite thing to do is go today play to hang out with my dog buddies and the pack leaders, run around like crazy, put my head underwater, and roll in the mud.  It sure is FUN!  I love it when it’s ice cream day.  Sometimes after day play, I get a nice bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and blown dry.  I love that too.  Mommy says I smell better after the bath.

Now that you know me, better come and play with me.  Hope to see you at day play ….

Love, Fozzie”

Pet of the Month-Sept 2021-Reese Campbell

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Congratulations to our September 2021 Pet of the Month, Reese Campbell!! Read his bio below:

“Hi, my name is Reese; it’s actually Mel’s Reese Is Better Than Chocolate, according to my AKC registration. I was born on 05/18/2011 and lived with a brother until 10/30/2018 when my first Mom listed me on “Rescue Me” because she was moving in with her fiance, who would not allow two dogs. When my current Mom drove 60 plus miles to meet me  –  my crate, kibble, and two toys were packed and ready to go. I was scared and shy, but my new Mom immediately began talking in a kind, warm voice and loaded me into her car. On the way home, I cried a little. I found I was no longer locked in my crate but was allowed to roam in the house wherever I wanted to go.  I quickly learned to wait to go outside on a leash to relieve myself.

Within weeks I met my vet, the kind, gentle Dr. Fullenwider, and technicians at TOAH for my first dental and neutering. All went well, except every year since I’ve had to have several teeth pulled as my gums keep deteriorating – ugh!

As I was not leash trained, we had difficulty going for walks because I wanted to chase every squirrel, gecko, and certain other dogs out for their walks, but as Mom had recently had shoulder surgery. I pulled and jerked (a lot!), so Mom found a great trainer, and I went to Boot Camp for six weeks. (Mom cried). I learned to come, stay, heel, sit, lay down, and ‘leave it. Now I listen to Mom most of the time except when I meet a dog I do not like, or that is walking in front of our house,  or when the doorbell rings or repairmen come into the house, I express my protectiveness for my Mom.  My ‘Aunt’ says I am my Mom’s shadow ‘cause I follow Mom around from room-to-room and ‘cry’  if she goes outside without me. When I ‘cry,’ I sound just like a baby! One is a sad “cry,” and one is an excited “cry,” but both are loud.

At home, I am not a cuddler, although I am working on it. I wouldn’t say I like many toys, only my fleece lamb, which I carry around in my mouth, sometimes whining until I lay down to rest. I’m not too fond of balls or playing fetch. A nap is more suitable.

I like to ride in the car. Every four weeks, I ride in the car to go to the groomer because my hair is “curly and fine,” getting matted easily on my tummy and legs, and this is okay. Still, when Mom takes me to TOAH Play Day, I get all excited as we get a couple of blocks away, and I begin to ‘cry,’ excited to see my friends (techs). Interestingly I am not aggressive with any of the other dogs at Play Day. This is because I really like Play Day.”

Pet of the Month-Kylo Jackson-August 2021

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Congratulations to our August 2021 Pet of the Month, Kylo Jackson!!! Read his full bio in his words below:)
“Hi!!! My name is Kylo! I am a ten-month-old black Goldendoodle. I have to say this because a lot of people ask my family if I am a labradoodle because I am not gold; but in fact, my doggie mom is a black F1 Goldendoodle and I get my color and markings from her. I arrived at my forever home to my fur-less mom, dad, and two brothers when I was nine weeks old. They say my dad found the folks who bred me, and my mom wanted me as soon as he got photos of me and videos of me playing with my doggie brothers and sisters to show her. They were both excited to meet me! It was a long ride home and I was scared but brave. I was no bigger than my dad’s boot when I arrived. I was a Christmas surprise that dropped into their lives while they were both working from home during the pandemic. Come to think of it, my mom still works from home. They talked about getting a puppy but wanted to make sure the circumstances were right. My brothers couldn’t believe I was theirs because they asked for me for so long. Anyway, they all loved me from the very beginning with cuddles and hugs and food and toys, so I worked hard to listen and be trained, and guess what? I stopped having accidents in the house when I was about three or four months old! Yep, I decided enough was enough and I could do it no matter my age!
I love my family because they give me lots of love and affection, and they are always spending time with me. I give them the same by greeting them with hugs, wags, and kisses in the morning at their bedsides and when they arrive home. I do a pretty good job obeying them, and I sometimes know what they want when they speak to me as they do to each other. I’m learning everyone’s names and I play with everyone; especially my brothers! They even play with me when I’m tired after a long day, but I tell myself I’d rather play than have a nap. And I do love a good nap! I also play by myself with a lot of toys from my toy box, but I especially like playing with my stuffed dragon, Draggy. He’s green, orange, and yellow, and he makes the best crunching and squeaking sounds when I’m playing really hard! I love Draggy!
I’ve learned my voice and use it when I need to get my family’s attention. They tell me I’m a pretty good alert dog because I only bark when I have to instead of all the time, like when someone is approaching the house, or if the lawn guy is on his mower or using his blower too close to the house, or if a storm is coming, or if I have to go potty when they are asleep or spread throughout the house. I also use my voice when company comes to the house (after I bark to let them know my mom, dad, and brothers are my family, and before I give them a good sniff to make sure they are okay) or when I see squirrels get too close to the back door.
Guess what? I’ve recently started sleeping overnight outside of my crate! Mom and Dad discovered I like laying down in the hallway outside my brothers’ bedrooms and since I decided to stop eating t.p. and chewing on socks (mostly), they laid a bed down there for me and that’s where I sleep overnight now. I sometimes check on all my family in the early morning as quietly as I can, but I’m afraid the tags on my collar wake them up. I can’t help it because I want to keep them safe. Did I mention I haven’t had an accident in a long time? Nope, no overnight accidents for me! I also love a good walk around the neighborhood and a hard run around the backyard. I also like going for car rides, trips to the park, or dining out at doggy-approved restaurants. And, I love playing with my friends at TOAH for playdays and I’m always excited when I am in the parking lot because I know I am going to have fun and be well-cared-for until my mom or dad arrives. Going to the groomers is okay – I don’t like the extra loud vacuum, but I do love the people.
Well, that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it!
– Kylo”