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Bodhi “Beau” Anderson – July 2014 Pet of The Month

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Bodhi’s Story:

This sweet cat was found limping on the side of the road, with a severly injured paw and a terrible case of mange.  His Rescuer stopped and lured him with a can of food.  He was so gentle, even with all the pain he was in.  After weeks of Veterinary Care through Tuscawilla Oaks Animal Hospital, he was fully recovered and ready for a loving home. Bodhi is a Siamese Flame Point Mix.  He is approximately 6 years old, and loves people.  Bodhi is extremely gentle and is great with other cats.  Unfortunately, Bodhi is quite frightened of dogs, so he is looking for a forever home with cats only, and prefers to be indoors.  This little man is currently up to date on all his vaccines, he has been neutered, and tested negative for FELV/FIV.  If you are interested in adopting Bodhi, please email us at


See Before and After photos of Bodhi Here.  Beau (1)


Ginger Hall – May 2014 Pet of the Month

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Ginger Hall also known as agent “GinGin007” is my very beautiful canine daughter. Our path of adoption came from Seminole County Animal Shelter. Her human counterpart, our daughter Jessica, purchased our 2 1/2 month old Sheba Inu/Chow mix for her Uncle as he was grief stricken over the theft of his own dog at the time. It can be difficult to accept another animal into your life when you have just lost one that you loved, but that is just what happened. Now you have the background as to how Ging became my daughter. When Ging came home to us we had a golden retriever. I had spent a lot of my time in training Calliope my golden retriever. I was not willing to give up more of my time doing the same thing for another dog. That is how I felt. Now I can’t imagine making such an absurd statement! Ging trained herself, genius that she is, and took my heart at the same time. Ging is all smarts, mixed with lots of love, she gives my life a joy I never would have known without her. We respect each other, now almost 15 years later she is my golden girl and I her golden mommy. If you are wondering about the 007 nick name it is because Ging observes people. She has always watched people and what they do, it is a thing with her, like a hobby.

Poised Ging lays with her front paws crossed, she is a lady in everything she does. From her downward dog pose to defining what she wants using sound and motion to inform you. My oriental fortune cookie Ging will go to the refrigerator, motion with her paw to open it then use her paw to indicate the meat draw which contains her treats. She is also a master at making and mimicking soft sounds. We have many conversations using this ability of hers. I am very lucky to have this gift of pure joy named Ginger Hall. Thank you all for your vote to give Lady Ging her own dog of the month title for this month of May.

Bert Downes – April 2014 Pet of the Month

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Hi, my name is Bert. I am a golden/lab mix and just turned 5 months old. I love kisses, belly rubs and romps in the back yard with a ball or a frisbee.

When I’m not playing and loving on my family, I am training to become a Canine Companion for Independence. My trainer/mom is teaching me things so that when I grow up, I’ll be able to help someone with special needs, do things such as; picking up items for someone confined to a wheelchair, opening cabinets and drawers, turning on/off light switches, and companionship for someone who is lonely or scared.

Mom tells me not to worry or get frustrated when I cannot remember everything she teaches me. We work hard together every day and when it is time to move on, I will be ready and know all the commands I will need to know.

I will stay with my training family for 18 months and then I will continue on for 6 months to 1 year of advanced training. Isn’t it exciting to imagine who I may be able to help one day? Could it be an Autistic boy, or a girl with Down syndrome? A veteran who has lost an arm or a leg? What about an elderly woman who needs a wheelchair to get around? Could it be someone with cerebral palsy?

I know it all means a lot of hard work in the years ahead, but it is definitely worth it, because someone out there needs ME!

Jerry Garcia Anderson – March 2014 Pet of The Month

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My mom and dad are so proud of me because I got picked to be the Pet of the Month at TOAH! She thinks I’m pretty special and is so glad that she can brag about me! My name is Jerry Garcia. I got that name because when I was rescued, I was wearing a Grateful Dead collar. I waswandering the busy streets day after day and someone picked me up and took me to a rescue group because they were worried about me. Mom says, I would have been “road kill” if the nice person had not stopped to help me. I had such a great personality and liked people so much, it was not hard to coax me into the car and let me go for a ride.

I was around 8 years old when I was rescued. People who met me said that I was a really nice dog, and hoped I would find a good home. My dad saw me one day while he was helping out the rescue group and when he came home, he asked mom if we could foster me so at least I wouldn’t have to stay in a kennel while waiting to be adopted. My mom went to see me and it was love at first sight. She took me home and I have lived with them ever since.

Sometimes I still worry that I may not get any food, because when I wandered the streets I was always looking for something to eat. My mom knows how really into food I am, so she bought me some really cool food puzzles and lets me use my smell and sniff skills to find my food. It makes eating so much fun too and it’s way better than eating the junk that I use to eat when I roamed the busy streets.

I am very lucky boy, because my family loves me very much. They take me for long walks two times a day, they play with me, they let me chase balls, have treats and lots, lots more. I have been to many dog-training classes too, but my favorite class was the “scent class” where I learned to find things using my great sense of smell. I’m a really good tracker with my nose and needles to say, I loovvveee to smell every blade of grass two times when I go for my daily walk too. Life could not be better for me.

Mom and dad say that I’m starting to show some signs of age and they really baby me now. I hurt myself roughhousing and now I have to be careful when I jump down from a car, couch or bed. But mom and dad are there for me to help me so that I don’t hurt myself again. I love my family; they have been so good to me and I try my very best to be a good boy for them because they are always so good to me. Mommy calls me “her baby” and I like that very much. My dad says that I’m a funny fellow because he thinks I’m silly. I hope I live to be 100 dog years’ old!

Biscuit – February 2014 Pet of The Month

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Biscuit is a 3 yr old English Cocker Spaniel. She is very calm and easy going, which I am told is not typical of the breed. She has had 2 major visits to TOAH, one of which included a knee surgery. Biscuit most recently came into TOAH for not feeling well. After Biscuit’s exam and some diagnostic test were ran, Dr. Fullenwider diagnosed Biscuit with Addison’s Disease.

Biscuit is currently still under treatment for Addison’s disease. Despite Biscuit being diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, not much seems to keep Biscuit down for long. She is back playing ball and chasing squirrels like nothing has happened.

Doctors Corner: Dr. Fullenwider

Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism) occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enoughof the hormones cortisol and/or aldosterone. These hormones are necessary for life and have animportant impact on every cell in the body. The most come cause of this disease is due to autoimmune destruction of a portion of the adrenal gland. It is usually due to genetics but not always.

When the adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol and/or aldosterone, there can be seriousconsequences. Symptoms may include: digestive upset, including vomiting, diarrhea or constipation; muscle weakness or twitching; a slow heartbeat, arrhythmias; low blood pressure;depression; lethargy; personality changes; anorexia; or sudden weight loss.In many cases, these symptoms come and go, sometimes as a result of stress, or the dog mayrespond to treatment with IV fluids and steroids. But left undiagnosed or improperly treated,

Addison’s can cause a serious health crisis and lead to death. This disease is often, but not always, indicated by high potassium, low sodium or a low ratio between the two in a standard chemistry panel. Blood work may also show imbalances in kidney and liver values. Because of this, Addison’s can be misdiagnosed as kidney failure, or other ailments.

All dogs with Addison’s disease require a steroid supplement such as prednisone or hydrocortisone, either regularly or in times of stress, to replace cortisol. To maintain electrolyte balance, a second medication is given to replace aldosterone. Dogs with Addison’s disease will need regular follow-up blood tests to determine if they are on the appropriate medication dosages. These blood tests will be more frequent just after diagnosis and will taper as the dog becomes stabilized.

With the proper monitoring and medication a dog with Addison’s can live a normal life. Just like other dogs, they can participate in any activities they enjoy.

Dr. Janis Fullenwider

Lucky Fields – January 2014 Pet of the Mont

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Lucky Fields

Our company is in an industrial park in south Orlando. One Monday morning when we got to work, Lucky was hanging out around our office. He had no tags, was badly cut up and was very, very thin. He seemed to hang around most of that day. We went and got some food and fed him and gave him water. We called animal control but they never showed up (I’m so glad they didn’t now!!). The next day when he was still here, I brought him to you guys for you to doctor him up and make him all better! And that’s his story. We took a vote in the office on what to name him and “Lucky” was the winner because he was lucky to find a good home and we are lucky to have him in our lives as well. We really enjoy him. My bosses here at work have been so gracious in keeping him and paying for his care. I’m also so thankful for you guys in bringing him back to good health. Attached is his latest picture. He is so spoiled!! He stays here in the office with us during the day and in our fenced in yard at night. Sometimes he goes home with people in the office for a night or for the weekend. His adoptive mom Corliss here in the office takes wonderful care of him. Plus he’s got about 8 other adults loving on him all the time. He’s playful and rowdy and just as sweet as he can be. We love him like crazy!! Thanks for making him pet of the month!!

Doctor’s Corner: Dr. Blossey

When the Fields first brought Lucky to us in November of 2013 it was obvious he had not had proper care or even food in a long time. He was severely underweight, his skin and hair coat were in very poor condition, he was infested with ticks, and he had strange skin wounds all over his body. By checking a fecal specimen we found that he was infested with hookworms. Hookworms are intestinal parasites that are transmitted in the soil and in fecal matter. They attach to the intestinal wall and can cause anemia.

Lucky was treated with ActivylTickPlus to treat his tick infestation, and a dewormer for the hookworms. He was also vaccinated and neutered. The rest of his treatment was just good food and TLC from the Fields family. He gained 16 pounds in just 6 weeks and his skin and coat quality improved dramatically.

Lucky was indeed a very fortunate dog to end up in the care of the Fields family.


Reilly Lopez

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Date of Birth: 06/21/03
Date of Passing: 10/26/13

Dr. Fullenwider,

I can’t even begin to express my deepest gratitude to you and everyone at TOAH. Not just now in my time of sorrow but for every day over the past 10 years. Everyone at TOAH helped to provide the best care and attention for my beautiful baby boy, Reilly, and considered him part of their family since he was almost like an “office pet”. You have all been a blessing for me and I will always think of you as family. Knowing Reilly was in such good hands every day was a tremendous comfort to me!! Thank you all very, very much!!!

Dianne Lopez

Henry Pritchett

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Date of Birth: 09/5/95
Date of Passing: 09/13/13

Friday, September 13,2013

Today is a sad day for me; a sad day indeed.

My Henry went to the vet for the last time today. He made it to 18 but that was all he had in him. And I am grateful for those 18 years.

In October, 1995, my ex-husband and I visited our first exotic animal sanctuary. At the end of the tour we stopped to chat with the volunteers. There were many, many cats loitering about looking for food, love, and attention. The lady asked if we wanted a kitty and we laughed and said no thank you; we live in a tiny apartment that does not allow pets–and we had 9 ferrets already!

She laughed, yes; we had our hands full already. She took out a box (yes a box) of milk to give the kitties a treat. Dozens came from all over!

One little kitty came out last, hesitant, hungry, scared. He tried to get some milk but the big cats hissed and spit at him and he backed away, scared to death. Jim looked at me, saw the tears welling up in my eyes, signed, and said “We’ll take that one.” So the tiny kitty with the great big ears came home with me and on that sunny October afternoon, he became my boy and I became his forever human.

So today little Jack became the man of the house at only 6 months old.

There is so much more to tell..too much. He was a good and faithful pet; always by my side when he knew I was sad. So patient with the 35 (or more!) kittens I have rescued over the years. But always, always, the king of the house. I will always look for him in “his” spot, on the back of the love seat where he would sit, soaking in the sun.

Good bye, my Henry, I will never forget you.

Squirt Lillemoen

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Date of Birth: 11/19/99
Date of Passing: 07/25/13

Having had pets all my life, and thankful to my parents that we had the joy of pets growing up, there was a time when I had no pets after moving to Montana. At the time, we were first renting so couldn’t have any. We built a house and I longed for a new addition. DT was in a litter that a friend of mine had when a Lab jumped the fence and got her Chow pregnant. Double Trouble “DT” was the only tan/cream colored pup and all the others were black fur balls :-). My friend said she was to be mine! We were laughing at how a Lab’s tail could clean off a coffee table in one swoop, and how Chow’s have that “no warning” bite attitude, and I thought, “Oh boy, we are in “double trouble” with DT” :-). Thinking back to her puppy days sure make me smile. She was SO cute and wobbly and it was love for life for us! We did obedience school together, we spent many a day taking strolls, running and playing fetch and just cuddling. She went everywhere with me.

…about a year later, I got little Squirt, our Westie and I remember DT looking at me, when this little white puppy full of vim and vigor was wanting to play with DT, and her eyes saying “who’s this and what’s he doing here?” Then came Pederby, our Netherland Dwarf bunny, then Siber, our hamster, and Lilly, our lovebird, and next Slater and Lucy, our two kitties, and a frog!–and each time DT looking at me and saying oh, no, really another pet?! But, seriously she was SO good with them all and we were a family..I miss her so. We moved to Florida, August 2012 with our “geriatric farm” of these two dogs, two cats, a bunny, a bird and a frog.

Devastatingly, and so sadly, Salter and Lucy both got lost to predators in our temporary housing, and Pederby died at the old age of 12, two months after settling into our new home. DT was 15 and Squirt was 14 (a diabetic and diagnosed with bladder cancer) when we had to put them both down. We are so thankful to the TOAH staff who helped take such good care of our family transitioning here to FL. We are very grateful to Dr. Taylor and all the staff. When we received the sympathy card from the clinic and each had written such special notes, it brought me to tears.
And now, I smile thinking of DT and little Squirt and Pedeby and Slater and Lucy all playing on Rainbow Bridge…