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May 01 2014

Ginger Hall – May 2014 Pet of the Month

Ginger Hall also known as agent “GinGin007” is my very beautiful canine daughter. Our path of adoption came from Seminole County Animal Shelter. Her human counterpart, our daughter Jessica, purchased our 2 1/2 month old Sheba Inu/Chow mix for her Uncle as he was grief stricken over the theft of his own dog at the time. It can be difficult to accept another animal into your life when you have just lost one that you loved, but that is just what happened. Now you have the background as to how Ging became my daughter. When Ging came home to us we had a golden retriever. I had spent a lot of my time in training Calliope my golden retriever. I was not willing to give up more of my time doing the same thing for another dog. That is how I felt. Now I can’t imagine making such an absurd statement! Ging trained herself, genius that she is, and took my heart at the same time. Ging is all smarts, mixed with lots of love, she gives my life a joy I never would have known without her. We respect each other, now almost 15 years later she is my golden girl and I her golden mommy. If you are wondering about the 007 nick name it is because Ging observes people. She has always watched people and what they do, it is a thing with her, like a hobby.

Poised Ging lays with her front paws crossed, she is a lady in everything she does. From her downward dog pose to defining what she wants using sound and motion to inform you. My oriental fortune cookie Ging will go to the refrigerator, motion with her paw to open it then use her paw to indicate the meat draw which contains her treats. She is also a master at making and mimicking soft sounds. We have many conversations using this ability of hers. I am very lucky to have this gift of pure joy named Ginger Hall. Thank you all for your vote to give Lady Ging her own dog of the month title for this month of May.

Lifelearn Admin | Pet of the Month

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Thank you for always being there, anytime we call. As a "Mom" to 3 dogs and 4 cats, we seem to always need something. You are the best and we would never consider going anywhere else. We are always greeted with a smile and everyone is friendly. Thanks for everything you do and going above and beyond.

Evelyn and Frank Wright - Oviedo, FL

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